Florida Bankruptcy Attorney: Make Sure the Bank Stops Foreclosure

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Be careful not to drop your bankruptcy attorney too quickly in a foreclosure case. I mention this in the video above in relation to loan modifications, but it’s actually something that applies no matter how you are working with your bank to stop your foreclosure.

As I say in the video, you always want to get arrangements made with the bank in writing where Orlando foreclosures are concerned. If your bank has agreed to work out some kind of a deal with you to let you keep your home, there is nothing to stop them from going back on the arrangement if you don’t have any written evidence.

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In addition, the bank may not bother to send you documentation regarding whether they have stopped trying to foreclose on your house. If you no longer have your bankruptcy attorney working with you on your foreclosure case, you have to go digging yourself.

Check with the Clerk of Court on the Status of your Foreclosure

The Clerk of Court in your area will have an official record of the status of your foreclosure case. There are two ways to contact them. The first way is to find the number of your Clerk or Court and give them a call. Ask about your specific case and see what the status is. They should be able to tell you whether your foreclosure case has been withdrawn, or other activity has taken place.

The second way is to go online if the Clerk in your area has a website. You can search for your case and learn the status, often without talking to anyone. You may want to have your case number handy, although cases can be looked up by last name as well.

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Don’t Get Rid of Your Bankruptcy Attorney Just Yet

If the case has been withdrawn, good for you. But be aware that if a foreclosure is dismissed, the bank may be able to refile the lawsuit. By continuing to work with a Florida bankruptcy attorney who practices foreclosure defense, you can avoid these and other problems before they happen.

Banks resort to many tricks and tactics with Orlando foreclosures because their goal is to get the most money possible for your property. It’s not personal with them; you are just a name and number in their system that can add to their bottom line. That is why you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney who handles foreclosure cases in your area—to make it personal.

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