Bring a Bankruptcy Checklist to Your Attorney Consultation

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Today’s video explains ways to make the very most out of your initial bankruptcy consultation with your attorney. Part of our recommendations include writing down specific things that will help us evaluate your case, such as your assets and debts, and household income.

Below is a more complete list of items to prepare for your initial attorney consultation. The list may seem long and tedious, but bankruptcy is not a simple matter—and a good bankruptcy lawyer is going to do everything he or she can to help you get your financial life back on track.

With the following information, your lawyer can begin to clarify whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is appropriate, or whether a certain alternative to bankruptcy is the better option.

By exposing all assets and debts, this checklist also helps individuals going through bankruptcy understand the dangers of committing fraud during the bankruptcy process. Finally, creating this checklist is an excellent exercise for the client to understand exactly where he or she stands financially, right now.

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Bankruptcy Checklist to Share with your Attorney


  • Value of your home, land and other properties
  • Value of your interest in a corporate business or partnership
  • Value of business assets (expense accounts, equipment, product inventory)


  • Copies of the past two years Income Tax Returns
  • Paystubs – for any and all employment including bonus pay, for the past two years (at a minimum for the past 6 months)
  • Recent bank statement – checking/savings account statement
  • Self-Employment – If you or your spouse are self-employed, your attorney needs an estimate of your average income and expenses over the past six months.
  • Other Sources of Income – This can include child support, social security, disability income, workers compensation, 401(k) withdrawals
  • Taxes – Have you paid taxes in addition to what was deducted from your pay check

Debts Owed:

  • How much are you behind on your house payment (along with Notice of Foreclosure if applicable)
  • Homeowners associations dues
  • Property taxes
  • Debts/payment due on vehicles, furniture, computers
  • Monthly insurance payments
  • Debts/payment still owed to the IRS for income taxes
  • Debts/payment owed for back child support (which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy)
  • Debts/payment owed on student loans (which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy)
  • Debts/payment owed for personal loans, credit cards, medical expenses
  • Monthly childcare costs
  • Monthly out-of-pocket medical costs (does not include health or dental insurance and copays deducted from your paycheck)
  • Do any lawsuits, garnishments, judgments exist against you

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