Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyer Discusses Problems with DIY Legal Sites

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The above story may be shocking, but unfortunately it’s not the exception to the rule – as a bankruptcy lawyer who provides foreclosure help, I probably get more of my clients from mistakes made using DIY legal sites than any other source.

You read that right. People think that they can save money by drawing up legal paperwork themselves, but often it ends up costing them double because they pay the legal site and then they have to pay me to fix any problems that occur.

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The biggest reason for this is that these sites use templates for legal documents and it is up to you to make sure that the language fits your specific situation. But you are not a lawyer, and there’s a reason why people study for years before they can practice – because the law is incredibly complicated. Make one wrong move (like the person in the video), and you can really be in trouble.

But that’s not the only problem with sites like these, and I wanted to give you a sense of what real people are saying are the most common problems.

Bankruptcy Lawyer: Common Problems with DIY Legal Sites

DIY legal sites are big business. Problem is, the bigger companies become, the less personalized and less attuned to your needs they are. That’s a lot of what we’re seeing right now.

Lack of information. In order to use DIY legal sites effectively, you have to know very clearly what you need. People assume that the site will direct them to all of the correct documentation and information, but all too often that’s not the case. Sometimes people are even pointed in the wrong direction and charged for documents they don’t need. DIY legal sites do not – cannot – give legal advice.

Ongoing charges. Many people have reported going to these sites for a single, simple document and only discovering later that they weren’t just being charged for the paperwork itself, but also an ongoing monthly fee.

Slow service. When you work with an experienced lawyer, you’re going to get legal help that’s not only correct, but timely – something you need when your home, your business, your money, property or family is on the line. But with DIY legal sites, you never know what may happen. People have reported waiting months – or longer – for documentation that should have been simple.

Before you go with a DIY legal site, talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

It’s the nuances of law that get people in trouble, and a lack of understanding the legal context and consequences of these DIY documents. With so much at stake, you and your family deserve the advice of an experienced attorney, who will know the facts of your particular situation and work closely with you to advise you and find the best way to protect you.

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