Debt Relief Lawyer: Mistakes When Representing Yourself

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I can tell you again and again that you need a debt relief lawyer to handle your bankruptcy for you, but that doesn’t mean anything unless I can give you clear, specific reasons why. As I say in the video, the two worst case scenarios are that you could end up making yourself criminally liable or have your bankruptcy petition thrown out – neither of which you want to be dealing with on your own!

But even beyond these big mistakes, there are a number of smaller problems you can run into because of the complex nature of bankruptcy laws in Florida. Here are just a few.

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Filing for bankruptcy won’t really help you. Some people get into debt and immediately think that bankruptcy is the only way out. After all, it sounds great – say you’re bankrupt and you won’t owe anyone money anymore! Of course, any debt relief lawyer with an ounce of credibility can tell you that it doesn’t really work this way. There are a huge number of complications, and in some situations declaring bankruptcy may even cost you more money than simply paying off your debts.

You filed under the wrong chapter. Should you go with Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Or maybe Chapter 13 is better for you? And it’s possible that you might even be best served with a completely different option or some combination of those two. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: bankruptcy laws in Florida are complicated. The best way to know if a particular kind of bankruptcy is actually doing what you want it to do is to work with an attorney.

The paperwork isn’t correct. As a debt relief lawyer, I’ve seen people mess up language, miss a single required page out of the dozens they need to file, and even mix and match paperwork from different types of bankruptcy. This stuff isn’t easy – especially when you’ve already got a full time job, kids, and other responsibilities stretching you thin.

Want to make sure that you handle your bankruptcy right the first time and avoid causing yourself more headaches? Talk to a qualified debt relief lawyer as soon as possible.

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