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Helping Central Florida Companies Manage Their Chapter 11 Bankruptcies

Many businesses in Central Florida struggle with cash flow, debt, and other money worries. If your business is deep in debt, you may not be able to concentrate on creating value and realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. The Florida Chapter 11 bankruptcy process can protect your business and give you a chance to reboot the company's finances.

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Dealing with Unmanageable Debt with Florida Chapter 11 Filings

Technically known as “reorganization bankruptcy,” Chapter 11 lets you restructure your company. The court may eliminate some debts and let your company pay down other obligations according to a schedule.

In the short term, your business will be restrained by conditions set by the court. Over the long term, though, Chapter 11 may save your business, allow your business to make more profit and help build a solid foundation for the future.

An effective Florida bankruptcy lawyer can help both large and small companies leverage Chapter 11 to obtain a good result. Individual debtors, who fail to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, can also sometimes file for Florida Chapter 11 as sole proprietors.

How the Chapter 11 Process Works

First, your company will file a petition with your local Florida bankruptcy court and pay a $46 administrative fee and $1,000 case filing fee. Your company must submit information to the court known as “schedules.” These list your company’s income and expenses, contracts and leases, and assets and liabilities.

Your company must also give the court a reorganization plan, which needs to be approved by both your company’s creditors and the court.

Once that plan locks, your company can start paying down debts, while continuing to operate the business.

The Florida Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at the Kramer Law Firm can assist your company with every aspect of this process, so you feel clear and in control. We will help your company prepare and file critical documents, manage creditor hearings, plan the reorganization, and negotiate with creditors.

One benefit of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that filing automatically stays, or stops, collection efforts against your company. This buys your business time (and reduces stress), so you can reevaluate your company’s viability without being hassled by lawsuits, foreclosure, or attempts to repossess your business property.

Once the business has repaid its debts, the court will close the case by issuing a final decree.

This process, in overview form, probably sounds straightforward. In practice, though, Florida Chapter 11 filing can be time-consuming and fraught with complications if you are unprepared. Our lawyers can help your company through this process. We will work with your company to ascertain the best plan for action and help determine whether a Chapter 11 filing really is a smart step for your business.

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Options Other Than Florida Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy may not be the best or only option. Our Florida business lawyers have tremendous experience negotiating payment plans and leases, analyzing financial situations, and protecting our clients’ rights in court.

When you work with us, we will assess your company’s financial situation in depth and help you come up with a strategy to stabilize your business and ultimately get it thriving. Connect with the bankruptcy lawyers at the Kramer Law Firm today for a free, thorough consultation.

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