Florida Bankruptcy Hearing Questions – The 341 Hearing

Could You Answer Your Bankruptcy Hearing Questions? Do you know what to expect? Florida bankruptcy attorney Steve Kramer helps you prepare.

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As Orlando Bankruptcy attorneys, we get all kinds of people coming to us for debt relief advice. After they learn that they will probably have to go to only one hearing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (a 341 hearing) and we give them a general overview, most people want to know what kinds of questions they can expect to be asked by the trustee.

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Common Florida Bankruptcy Hearing Questions

Depending on the facts of the case and the trustee’s disposition, there is a long list of questions that you could be asked and every bankruptcy is different. However, there are a number of questions that are commonly asked, even beyond the typical verification of personal information.

Did you read and sign all bankruptcy documents? You not only need to sign everything, but also verify that you actually read it before doing so and that they are correct to the best of your knowledge. One of the best pieces of bankruptcy advice we give to our clients is to always read everything thoroughly and ask about anything they find confusing.

Have you listed all assets and debts? It is the trustee’s job to make sure that you don’t have any assets that aren’t protected under bankruptcy laws. Your Florida bankruptcy attorney can help you go over everything you own to make sure you protect everything that is legally allowed.

Did you pay any creditors in a preferential manner? Sometimes people will pay off friends and family members before regular creditors, and this is considered “preferential” and is against the rules of the Bankruptcy Code. This is one of the 341 hearing questions trustees have to ask you, and it is important that you answer honestly.

Have you “signed over” any assets to keep them from being taken? Before declaring bankruptcy, many people try to protect certain assets they deem important by signing them over to someone they trust. The idea is that if they no longer own the asset, creditors cannot legally take it. Before doing this, it’s best to seek advice from an experienced attorney.

Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past? Among the list of 341 hearing questions trustees are required to ask is whether or not this is the first bankruptcy you have filed. If you have declared bankruptcy in the past, make sure you bring your case number and discharge information with you. This helps them determine your discharge eligibility.

A number of other bankruptcy hearing questions will be asked regarding your case.

When you need bankruptcy advice from attorneys who can genuinely help you and offer you effective options, contact Kramer Law. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys attend our clients’ bankruptcy hearings, and ensure you are prepared for your hearing questions and that your rights are fully protected.

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