Is Bankruptcy Morally Right or Wrong?

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Is bankruptcy morally right, or is bankruptcy morally wrong? I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida bankruptcy attorney. Now, a lot of people aren’t really concerned with whether bankruptcy is right or wrong. They’re simply boxed into a corner, and they don’t have any alternatives. They don’t have any other option but to file bankruptcy, and that’s fine with them. But some people watching might be wondering, “Is this wrong?”. Maybe they feel guilty about the prospect of bankruptcy or filing bankruptcy. So let me tell you a little about the history of bankruptcy and where it comes from. It’s actually in the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy. And basically, in Deuteronomy, it references that people should be able to wipe clean their slate and their debts every eight years. Basically, the Bible views it as it would be inequitable to keep people forever locked into debt. And that’s basically included into the bankruptcy code, where you can file bankruptcy every eight years. So if you’re looking for whether it is right or wrong, it goes back thousands of years. And let me tell you about how people feel after they file bankruptcy, because that is a real important fact. Many people are concerned about their credit. Well, most people going into bankruptcy – Their credit has already taken a little bit of a hit. But even if it isn’t, a lot of people will find that after bankruptcy their credit improves. And, one question is, “Why?”. I’ll tell you a real good reason: You can only do it every so often. So if somebody loans you money, and you’ve already filed bankruptcy, well, you can’t do it again, so you’re a safer bet. And it cleans the slate. People feel relief when they file bankruptcy. And they feel free. They’re not getting those calls from creditors anymore. And they’re able to move on with life. So, bankruptcy is something that goes back for thousands of years. It is something that is included in the Bible. It has a deep history there. And I’d be glad to talk with you about bankruptcy and the options, and I don’t think it’s right for everybody. And it shouldn’t be abused. But if you want to talk about bankruptcy, and maybe go over the options, pick up the phone and give me a call. I’m Steve Kramer. Thanks for watching.

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