Your Rights if Sued by a Credit Card Company: Florida Credit Card Attorney

Has credit card debt reached the point you have been sued by your credit card company? When people fall behind in their credit card payments, they can find themselves in legal as well as financial trouble. Credit card companies will inflict serious pressure on the debtor, and proceed to file a default judgment against you, garnish wages, levy bank accounts, and take other legal actions in order to collect.

It can be extremely difficult to pay down credit card debt when you are already strained financially. It is essential that you understand your legal options for avoiding the consequences of a judgment against you. You must not ignore the lawsuit. A credit card lawsuit defense attorney at the Kramer Law Firm can assist you immediately to help you get the lawsuit dismissed and work through other debt settlement strategies with your creditor.

If the original creditor (or a debt collection company) filed a lawsuit against you, there are many actions we can take to stop the effort or work out more favorable debt settlement negotiations.

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We have represented individuals throughout Central Florida in debt lawsuit defense, defending the lawsuit and helping them stay out of court whenever possible. We are often able to help people avoid paying anything to the creditor.

Allow us review your case and find the best way to defend you against the credit card company and bring about a satisfactory resolution.

Legal Options When Sued by Credit Card Companies:

Depending on the context of the debt and your personal financial situation, our attorneys can implement credit card lawsuit defense options and workouts to help you avert or fight the lawsuit, including:

  • Deny liability in a written response to the court to force a more favorable credit card debt settlement;
  • Challenge the creditor’s legal standing to sue. Often, debts change hands multiple times. Whether you are sued by a credit card collection agency or the bank, the company that is suing you may not have the proper paperwork and legal standing to take you to court;
  • Demand to see the original documentation of your alleged debt. Often, the amount of delinquent debt reported is inaccurate in favor of the debtor;
  • Leverage debt settlement strategies to negotiate the debt down, create more favorable repayment terms, or fight the validity of the debt or the legal action;
  • File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get out of the debt or to force a renegotiation on far more favorable terms.

If you have been notified that you are being sued by a credit card company or debt collection agency, you cannot afford to wait to take action. The Kramer Law Firm can help you select an appropriate option to fight back − not only to settle or stop credit card lawsuits, but also to help you and your family sustain financial recovery.

Our experienced debt defense lawyers can advise you in ways many law firms cannot. Our law firm has helped a great many consumers who were overwhelmed with debt regain full control of their finances. Regaining – or finding – a life without debt is a primary goal we have for our clients.

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If being sued by credit card companies has made your life spin out of control, you need representation by a skilled debt defense attorney. If you do not defend against the lawsuit, the credit card company will hold you legally liable for the full amount. Whatever your circumstances may be, the Kramer Law Firm can take effective measures to help you recover and thrive.

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