3 Things to Avoid After Being in a Car Accident

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I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida car accident attorney and today we’re going to talk about 3 things to avoid after you’ve been in a car accident. Now the first thing to avoid is avoid giving a statement to the insurance company. The insurance company wants to minimize the amount of money they have to pay after your car accident. That means they want to reduce their exposure and there’s a couple ways they do that. One of them is by showing that you were at fault for the accident. If you caused the accident, then you don’t get any recovery – you don’t get paid anything because you’re at fault and that’s one of the things they want to do. So they’re going to ask you questions and they’re going to ask you a variety of questions. They’re going to try and pick apart those questions and your statements to prove that you caused the accident and that you’re partially responsible. The other thing that the insurance company wants to do is they want to minimize the extent of your injury so they’re going to ask you questions. And you might say something off the cuff that they might blow up in big letters or use against you to show that you’re not injured. Or to show that your injuries are really minimal. The next thing you want to do, the next thing you want to avoid is posts on social media. If you’re claiming you’ve been injured in a car accident, well we don’t want posts on social media showing you skydiving or snorkeling or golfing or running a marathon. And we don’t want these types of posts twisted either. You might have been golfing two weeks ago but posted it the day after your car accident and that can be twisted and used against you and we don’t want to see that. So be careful about what you post on social media after you’ve been in a car accident. And the third thing that you want to absolutely avoid is signing anything. You don’t want to sign any statements. Just like you don’t want to give a recorded statement, you don’t want to sign any statement and you don’t want to sign any settlement. You know, one of the ways an insurance company can quickly resolve a case with little exposure is to give you a very small check and have you sign away your rights. And you might not even realize you’re settling the entire claim and you’ll never get another dollar no matter how severe your injuries are. So don’t sign anything after you’ve been in a car accident. I’m telling you this because I deal with these issues all the time and I’d be glad to talk to you about this or any other legal issue you’re dealing with. Give me a call, pick up the phone. I’m Steve Kramer, thanks for watching.

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