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Orlando airbag injuries can result from deployment malfunctions as well as bad design. Airbags deploying early, late, too harsh or not at all can wreak unwarranted injuries on unsuspecting passengers or drivers.

Call TK Law for a free legal consultation if injured. Our experienced product liability attorneys protect the rights of people injured and family members of those killed in auto accidents caused by vehicle defects such as airbag malfunction.

State and national laws obligate vehicle manufacturers to provide products free and clear of defects and safety hazards, especially without warning. The lawyers at TK Law will hold large corporations accountable for any negligent error on their part regarding wrecks in the Orlando area.

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Types of Airbag Injuries

As with seatbelts and automatic lock windows, the safety features of airbags are expected to outweigh any potential hazard to their use. The sensors for frontal airbags, side airbags, and the newer rollover airbags (which cover windows in the case of a rollover) are supposed to be tested and timed for effectiveness. When steps are skipped or a product is defective, injuries happen including:

Determining an Airbag Defect

An effective attorney will examine black box information and other definitive marks in the vehicle that led to an unsafe situation. We establish the nature of the defect, demonstrate how the airbag resulted in our client’s injury, and prove the causal link between the injuries sustained and the airbag.

A case can be resolved quicker when we have prompt access to such evidence. This is why it is important to contact our lawyers as soon as possible after an injury.

Know Your Options. Contact an Orlando Airbag Injuries Lawyer

As responsible drivers, you are rightfully entitled to drive vehicles that are safe at all times and without defect. When this is not the case, you have a legal right to gain fair and maximum compensation for injuries caused by a defective device. In many cases, TK Law can fight for damages because of the “strict liability” or responsibility of the manufacturer to provide a safe product.

Compensation for airbag injuries may also be awarded because of the breach of an expressed or implied warranty or negligence.

At TK Law, we guarantee a vigorous and dedicated attorney who investigates the technical and engineering factors of the vehicle in which the airbags caused injuries.

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