Orlando Bus Accident Injury Lawyer

Orlando bus accident injuries can be devastating, and are not uncommon. Central Florida is a destination hub for several tourist attractions, not to mention Orlando public transit systems, shuttle vans and school buses that can pack in on our roadways during peak travel hours and special events.

Contact TK Law if you or a family member was injured in a bus crash, roll-over, pedestrian casualty or other accident, whether as a passenger on board the bus or a traveler near a bus. Once our injury lawyers are hired, we aggressively dig into the facts of the case to determine liability and meet the burden of proof of injury to file a lawsuit against the bus company or other negligent parties.

Simple driver error may be to blame for some bus incidents. There are also times when equipment malfunctions, which can be harder to prove in court. A careful attorney asks the less obvious questions to get to the core of the case. Whether the case involves injuries to children or becomes a “mass tort” lawsuit (allowing shared representation for multiple plaintiffs) against a large transit corporation, the experienced lawyers at TK Law overturn pieces of evidence that will lead to fair and maximum compensation in our client’s claim.

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Our priority at TK Law is our client, no matter how big or popular the companies are that we fight on their behalf. Our record is proven in numerous favorable settlements and judgments pertaining to personal injury and vehicle accidents.

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Legal Knowledge is Critical in Orlando Bus Accidents

Buses are characterized as “common carriers” when they provide public transit services. While bus and other mass transit accidents are similar to other vehicle accidents in some ways, buses have a greater duty than smaller vehicles when it comes to federal regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Time tables for lawsuits pertaining to specific buses vary. For example, claims involving buses belonging to a government entity are handled differently that other claims. Our experienced attorneys will know which laws apply to your case.

Other accidents that may fall under more than one set of rules because of required safety features include:

  • School buses
  • Private company buses
  • Trailer buses
  • Trolley buses
  • Special needs buses

If Injured in an Orlando Bus Collision

TK Law encourages you or your loved one to seek medical attention immediately if involved in a bus crash. This is because in any physical incident, long-term problems may not be felt right away. A visit to the doctor’s office or medical help on the scene of the accident can secure some evidence of your injuries.

If you are able, collect any bus driver information, including his or her name, the company he or she represents, and insurance details. Cooperate fully with law enforcement.

Now is not the time to panic. Call TK Law immediately so we can do the legal work for you as you heal or mourn the injury or loss of a loved one. We will employ the necessary experts to ensure an airtight case and will assess whether criminal charges are to be filed along with a civil claim.

Seeking Fair Compensation in a Bus Injury Lawsuit

We work intensely to help our injured clients find justice, and handle injury cases on a contingency basis. This means we are not paid unless we gain compensation for you. When this happens, TK Law helps clients prepare long-term plans for financial awards they receive and assist with future medical needs. We are prepared to serve as legal counsel regarding any legal issue our clients may face in the future.

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