Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Orlando

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Orlando, Florida and beyond? Unfortunately, bikers are vulnerable in crashes for many reasons:

  • Motorcycles are lighter than other vehicles and thus more easily "pushed around" in big crashes due to the differences in momentum;
  • Riders enjoy less physical protection from the elements;
  • Car and truck drivers often have a hard time even perceiving motorcycles on the road. Certain cognitive biases color our perceptions − when you drive a car, you're far more likely to pay attention to other cars because that's what you're seeing most commonly.
  • Motorcycles also obey slightly different rules of conduct on the road – this further confuses car and truck drivers and makes accidents more likely to occur.

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Florida’s Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Here is an admittedly incomplete catalog of causes of motorcycles crashes:

  • Violating of the biker’s right of way. This very common and tragic occurrence may account for up to two-thirds of all crashes.
  • Driver negligence. Negligence can take many forms including speeding, driving while texting, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medications, racing, and reckless driving;
  • Changing lanes and colliding into a motorcycle;
  • Mechanical problems with either the vehicle that hit you or with your own bike, such as deflated or ill-fitting tires, faulty brakes, or damaged steering systems. A badly maintained (or designed) bike can spin out, struggle to stop, and cause rollover crashes.
  • Poorly performing safety equipment. Perhaps, for instance, your helmet or safety gear didn’t fit right or failed at a key moment during impact;
  • Miscellaneous. These causes could include: bad weather, bad road conditions, “Acts of God,” an ill-placed pebble, a stray dog in the middle of the road, a brisk gust of wind, or surprisingly slick pavement.
  • More subtle factors. Often, a deep probe of an Orlando motorcycle accident will reveal alternative possible causes that seem counterintuitive or far removed from the crash itself.

For a motorcyclist who has been injured or killed due to negligence or other liability, it is important to know what damages can be recovered. Our personal injury attorneys will investigate your case meticulously to pinpoint the cause of the motorcycle accident, and determine who is at fault.

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