In Orlando, Common Causes of Truck Accidents Start with Drugs and Speeding

What are the most common causes of truck accidents in Orlando, as well as throughout Florida and the U.S? To answer this question, government researchers at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and elsewhere have done exhaustive surveying and data analysis.

In Orlando, common causes of truck accidents range from drug use to road rage.Whether a big rig rear ended your minivan on the highway just outside Disney World; or a commercial truck sideswiped you at an intersection and caused serious injuries, the Kramer Law Firm can help you understand what to do (and what to avoid doing) to maximize your chances for compensation and get clarity on your legal options.

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The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents on Florida’s Highways

Per the FMCSA study from 2007 (“The Large Truck Causation Study”):

  • Drug use seems to be the single biggest cause of big truck crashes. In a study of 967 truck accidents, 26% of crashes involved illegal drugs or prescription medications that impacted the driver’s ability to react;
  • The runner-up to drug use was speeding, which occurred in 23% of crashes.
  • Lack of familiarity with the roads was present in 22% of crashes;
  • Driver failure to look at blind spots and check before maneuvering happened in 14% of crashes;
  • Remarkably, fatigue was not a factor in that many accidents – only 13% of the ones studied – but other researchers believe that fatigue probably plays a more substantial role than this one survey suggests.
  • Distracted driving occurred in 8% of crashes studied;
  • Road rage and/or aggressive driving played a prominent role in 7% of crashes studied.

It is clear that the most common causes of Orlando truck accidents generally can or could have been avoided. Other leading causes of truck accidents include:

  • Maintenance problems;
  • Inclement weather;
  • Misleading or broken signage;
  • Mechanical problems, such as locked brakes or tire blowouts;
  • Inappropriately loaded vehicles;
  • Miscellaneous hazards, such as animals, debris in lanes and the indirect influence of other vehicles not involved in crashes.

Understanding the Cause of Your Orlando Truck Accident

Whether a truck rear ended you and caused a soft tissue injury (e.g. whiplash); or you're reeling from a more devastating injury like broken bones or brain injury, the Kramer Law Firm can help you get back in control and protect your rights. Our goal is to make the process following a truck accident as easy and stress free as possible. We want to take care of you and help you get the best result possible.

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