Orlando Intersection Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A high percentage of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Even at slower speeds, these collisions can be catastrophic. The experienced attorneys at TK Law investigate and pursue the maximum compensation for our clients involved in an Orlando intersection motorcycle accident.

Bikers have just as many rights to our roadways as any other motorist, but bikers are at much greater risk of sustaining critical injuries in wrecks due to the limited amount of physical protection and safety features surrounding the rider. At intersections, motorcyclists are exposed from each direction, allowing for the possibility of head on, side impact and rear end collisions.

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The impact of a collision will usually cause the motorcycle to fall over and the rider to be thrown off. An injured biker who lands in the midst of crossroads traffic risks being further injured by other vehicles traveling through the intersection. Catastrophic injuries are frequent following intersection-related wrecks, where common accident injuries include

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • spinal cord injury
  • broken bones and fractures
  • head injury
  • internal injuries
  • paralysis
  • scarring

When coupled with the apparent dangers for any driver at an intersection, motorcyclists run the greatest risk for wrongful death.

Common Motorcycle Wreck Causes

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at TK Law will view all of the evidence in a case, reconstructing an accident scene and marking where skids or paint marks are located, to establish fault and how best to reach the maximum compensation in your personal injury case. In seeking compensation, our attorneys will determine which, if any, of the following factors contributed to the cause of the motorcycle accident at an Orlando intersection:

  • Motorist disregards a traffic sign, such as a stop sign or caution light
  • Left turn collision into a motorcycle
  • A vehicle makes a right turn into a motorcycle, or rear-ends the bike as it slows down to turn
  • Drivers may rush through a stop light trying to beat a red light, causing a head-on or T-bone collision
  • Motorist is speeding
  • Motorist does not see motorcyclist due to carelessness or weather
  • Driver is distracted, impaired or tired
  • Ignorance to right-of-way
  • Road hazards
  • Road rage
  • Vehicle defects

TK Law Commitment: Seeking the Most Compensation for Your Injuries

A lawyer who is familiar with insurance and personal injury law should be able to examine all pertinent details in a motorcycle intersection accident. Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients and their families in biker wrecks. Not only does TK Law fight for our clients in the courtroom. We employ experts, including counselors and financial planners, to assist our clients in the long run.

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