How does a lawyer know if a car accident case is worth pursuing?

After a car crash, most people do not foresee the tremendous costs their injuries can incur. If you believe you have an injury case, it is a good idea to understand the issues a lawyer typically investigates in order to conclude whether a car accident case is worth pursuing, and what your case is worth.

Remember, there is no cost to have your case reviewed by our seasoned car accident attorneys. If you decide to retain our services, you pay no attorney fees until we win compensation for you. There is nothing to risk, and much to be gained by talking with us.

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How do we determine if your Florida injury case is worth pursuing?

Your accident claim is like no other, and must be considered on its own worth. There are many variables at play. Here are the basic issues we investigate at Kramer Law to learn if a car accident case has merit:

  • We conduct a complete investigation. This includes witness statements, police reports, medical records and photographs. We identify all parties responsible for your injuries.
  • We must be able to prove that your injury is the result of someone’s negligence. This is called establishing liability.
  • We uncover all possible sources of insurance coverage.
  • We must show that your losses are significant. All damage and losses such as lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering should be enough to be worth the time and effort involved in a personal injury case. [Link to Car Accident/Damages & Losses pg]
  • Our attorneys consider the extent of your injuries. What medical treatments will you need now and in the future? Will you have long-term medical bills? Can you work and earn an income, or are you disabled? Might you become disabled, or partially disabled?
  • We help ensure that you are under the care of qualified physicians who will properly document your claim. Our attorneys work with your doctors to help them present their medical records in a clear, conclusive presentation that will stand up in court, and curb any efforts by the insurance company to deny coverage on the basis of medical findings.
  • We help you compile written documentation of all damages and expenses, using these records to prove the amount of existing and future damages.
  • We apply our knowledge of the law and the insurance industry to calculate and predict all possible damages. Insurance companies use compensation formulas to decide what they are willing to pay. Fully aware of their methods, our attorneys seek the best possible settlement amount for our clients and arrive at fair and just amount with a high confidence level.
  • We determine a settlement value on the basis of what we believe a jury will decide your claim is worth under Florida personal injury That is, after all, what our civil justice system is based on. We instruct juries to monetize injuries – and a car wreck case is worth what a judge or jury would award the plaintiff. This type of insight is good reason to have a true trial lawyer handling your case.

The Orlando Car Accident Attorney You Choose Matters

As personal injury lawyers representing your case, Kramer Law will go the extra mile to secure your financial future.

Our firm excels at in-depth investigation of your car accident injury. In every claim we represent, we build the case as though we are going to trial. We are skillful negotiators and experienced litigators. If a settlement offer is not fair, we are prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Remember, the insurance company who represents the at-fault party is working to assemble whatever evidence and records they can to be used against you. Insurers are very good at taking advantage of unsuspecting people and settling cases for the lowest amount possible, often through unethical methods.

Does Your Injury Case Have Merit? Contact Kramer Law

Your injury case may be worth far more or far less than you think. And sometimes, to secure the full amount of compensation from the insurance companies, you may have to fight for it.

We are always available to talk with you and answer your questions. Contact Kramer Law regarding this or any other legal issue so we can effectively help you.

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