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When unsafe lane changes by passenger vehicles cause accidents harming motorcycle riders, negligent drivers may be held liable. Contacting TK Law about injuries sustained in Orlando motorcycle lane change accidents can help ensure your rights and interests are defended to the full extent of the law.

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Motorcycle Wrecks Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes – Cutting Off a Motorcycle

All motorists are obligated to exercise due care in sharing the road with bikers. When car or truck drivers attempt to change lanes, they must alertly check their blind spots for motorcyclists in the next lane. Bikers can be cut off, sideswiped, rear-ended, or even bumped into another vehicle when motorists carelessly or unsafely change from one lane to another. Other drivers may also disregard a biker’s attempt to change or enter a lane.

One might think you can never establish liability and prove fault in a lane change accident. The Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers at TK Law know different. Our team is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured bikers against negligent and reckless drivers and obtain full damages for their injuries. We vigorously track down liability in lane change wrecks in order to gain our clients the highest monetary value in their accident case.

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Orlando Motorcycle Lawyers Who Know the Law

As popular as Florida’s climate and roadways are for motorcycles, the insurance laws in the state are not as advantageous to bikers as they are to truck and passenger vehicle drivers. Still, the state’s personal injury and wrongful death laws apply and require an attorney to prove a defendant’s reckless actions negligently or deliberately caused damage or harm to another.

While financial compensation is critical to our injured client’s life and future, these cases are not only about money. They are about ensuring that drivers remain responsible on Florida roadways to avoid further preventable injuries from occurring.

At TK Law, our personal injury attorneys have years of experience in Florida’s courtrooms fighting for the rights of injured clients. We know what laws are pertinent to your case and we actively go after all evidence in order to make defendants fully accountable for their actions against our clients.

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If you were injured or a family member suffered a wrongful death when another driver failed to safely change lanes, contact TK Law as soon as possible. We accept motorcycle accident cases on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning you do not pay us attorney fees unless we win money for you. Contact TK Law today.

Our team is large enough to handle the most complex legal cases in the state of Florida, and we practice in comprehensive practice areas to cover you and your family in many diverse legal matters that you may encounter in life. We also team with a variety of experts at the top of their professions to help bring your family as much peace of mind and financial stability as possible.

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