Orlando Railroad Accidents Require Experienced Attorneys

Railroads have a rich history in Florida and our country as a whole. They connect the nation. We trust that the train companies and operators are doing everything right to keep us safe. Yet even with expanded federal and state safety regulations, Orlando railroad accidents do happen. Train collisions and derailments are among the most violent and dangerous types of transportation accidents.

If You Were Injured in a Railroad Accident, There Is Help

Train wrecks devastate the lives of not only the injured person, but also their families, friends, even communities. Train injury victims are people in need of compassion, understanding and dedicated attorneys who believe in fighting every step of the way to see that justice is done.

Kramer Law can aggressively help you seek deserved and fair compensation. If you or a loved one suffered injuries as a result of a train accident, we invite you to contact our experienced legal team of Orlando lawyers so that we can evaluate your claim and advise you of your rights and options.

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From medical expenses to lost income, we will fight to recover the costs and seek justice for you.

Causes of Train Accidents

With hundreds of miles of track crisscrossing Florida, railroad accidents involve freight lines, passenger trains, and local commuter systems such as Orlando’s new SunRail train.

Orlando drivers and pedestrians are accustomed to seeing trains and can become careless. Other times these accidents are the result of negligence on the part of the train employees, the railroad company owners, or the train’s manufacturer that can result in

  • Train on train collisions
  • Train on car collisions
  • Derailment
  • Railroad crossing accidents
  • Pedestrians and bystander slip and fall or crush injuries

Railroad crossings can be substandard. Rural crossings may be unsecured with no gates or warning lights, or visibility may be hampered by unmaintained vegetation. Commuter trains make hundreds of trips a day, and can be disarmingly quiet. No trains can stop quickly.

Some common examples of negligence of the train company or railroad are

  • Conductor, engineer or brakeman negligence or error
  • Defective tracks
  • Defective parts of the train
  • Obstacles on the tracks
  • Excessive cargo weight
  • Faulty railroad crossing signals or gates
  • Track switching failure
  • Negligent railway maintenance
  • Carelessness in railroad crossing design and maintenance
  • Improper inspections

Trains Accidents have Special Considerations

Who is liable? If you were in a car accident, the party who caused the accident would be liable for covering the costs of the damages you suffered. The liable party may be responsible for paying your personal injury damages including medical bills, loss of income, disability, pain and suffering or wrongful death.

The same is true in a train crash, except the responsible party may be the railroad company, an employee, the train manufacturer, or several parties. The personal injury claim may be based on the negligence of the train company or railroad, or based on the theory of products liability.

Railroad accident litigation is further complicated by federal regulations and other issues surrounding train accident cases. Questions of jurisdiction and compliance apply, including

  • Were you were injured by a train that moves across state lines
  • Did the accident involve commuter trains, run by private companies or local government
  • What Federal and state regulations are involved regarding train maintenance and operation
  • Was another motor vehicle involved in the crash

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Railroad Injury and Accident Claims under FELA

The attorneys at Kramer Law represent Florida railroad workers who have been injured in the course of their employment. Railroad employees have the right to pursue a claim for financial compensation governed by the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA).

FELA law protects railroad workers due to the hazardous work environment they face on a daily basis.  A FELA claim may provide vital compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and long-term disability.

Our experienced Florida train accident lawyers provide legal representation to those in all capacities working with railroad companies that are injured or killed in train accident.

Contact an Orlando Railroad Accident Attorney at Kramer Law

Railroad accident lawsuits are complicated. Not all lawyers are experienced in the procedures of a railroad case, or have the resources to necessary to go up against teams of corporate attorneys and big insurance.

Kramer Law has the knowledge, experience and the means to fully prepare your case and fight for you. We can help you identify what parties can be held liable, locate witnesses, investigate evidence, work with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists, and effectively negotiate with insurance companies.

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