Orlando Sideswipe Collision Lawyer

Serious and fatal injuries can occur when the sides of two motor vehicles strike each other at a glancing angle, or slide along each other while in motion. Orlando sideswipe collision lawyers at TK Law have for years successfully fought to maintain justice for our clients affected by side impact wrecks including side swipe accidents.

Sideswipe crashes occur frequently, and can happen between vehicles traveling in opposite directions or moving in the same direction. The initial force of impact may be enough to cause serious injuries, or the force of impact may cause one or both vehicles to run into a third car or truck, causing a multi vehicle accident. The impact may also force the car off the road, into side rails or fencing or other object, increasing the potential for harm.

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Commercial trucks are also often involved in Orlando sideswipe accidents, due to their unwieldy size and blind spots on both sides of trucks. Sideswipe collisions happen when 18-wheelers attempt to change lanes without allowing sufficient room; merge from an entrance ramp onto the highway; make a right turn into a car, or other unsafe maneuver.

The amount of apparent damage to the car or truck is no indication of the severity of the physical injury a person sustains. Some of the sideswipe accident injuries that occur include

Contact TK Law today to discuss the incident with a lawyer for lane change and side swipe accidents. The at-fault driver’s insurance company may attempt to underrate or down play any injuries sustained. The insurance adjuster may attempt to settle for unfairly low compensation or no settlement. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared for these tactics and consistently fight for and receive maximum compensation for our clients from liable parties.

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Why Sideswipe Collisions Happen

No two vehicle accidents are the exact same. It takes a lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury law to know which unique approach to take to gain victory for clients at the negotiation table or in court. Legal representation in a sideswipe collision case seeks to prove the accident was caused by someone’s poor or reckless driving, or intentional acts of aggressive or malicious driving. Examples include:

  • A driver carelessly enters into another lane without checking all blind spots
  • A distracted or tired driver veers or drifts into another lane
  • An impatient or hostile driver swipes another vehicle in an attempt to “scare” the driver with road rage
  • Defective vehicle equipment leads to loss of control

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We Stand Up for Clients

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Orlando sideswipe collision, do not suffer in silence. Our attorneys understand the complex nature of these cases. They often happen so suddenly, or may sometimes be involved in a hit-and-run, that it is a challenge proving who is responsible. It takes a lawyer who is aggressive and knowledgeable to prove a sideswipe case.

Each lawyer at our firm is compassionate and serious about what we do, and we have years of experience and testimonials to back up who we are. We take cases only if we believe we can help, and we do not charge a family attorney fees if we cannot recover damages for them.

We are always available to talk with you and answer your questions. Contact TK Law regarding this or any other legal issue so we can effectively help you.

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