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Fatigued driver accidents are among the most selfish and senseless wrecks on Florida’s roadways, but by no means are they uncommon. If you or a family member suffered serious injury at the hands of an exhausted car or truck driver, an Orlando tired driver collision lawyer at TK Law can help. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses and injuries. We want to fight for your maximum compensation for all you have endured.

There is no destination worth reaching that is more important than someone’s life. That is the message that a personal injury attorney at TK Law sends in every tired driver accident case we pursue. Money will not bring back what a family loses in such careless wrecks, but it makes it clear that tired driving is a breach of public safety and is not tolerated.

Responsible parties should be held accountable for the injuries and losses you have sustained. Contact TK Law right away so we can start assessing all the evidence in your case.

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Common Causes of Orlando Tired Driver Collisions

In our years of experience we have discovered several common reasons why people fall asleep at the wheel. Our team of experts looks into whether these and other factors are an aspect in your case, as there may be more than one person responsible for the wreck:

  • Truck driver shifts: Overworked truck drivers are among the biggest culprits in tired driving. Sometimes the companies for which they work set unrealistic driving expectations, while other times, the driver takes it upon himself or herself to press farther than their bodies can handle.
  • Sleep deprivation: Whether a college student is traveling through Orlando on that last stretch home or a bus driver is seeking to bring his or her passengers to one of our many vacation destinations, sleep deprivation plays a major role in tired driving wrecks in Florida.
  • Medications: Doctors often specify whether a person can drive under the influence of certain medications. Even some over-the-counter drugs play a part in a driver’s exhaustion.

Rely on Orlando Lawyers Who Are Equipped to Handle Tired Driver Accidents

No one deserves to be victimized on the roadways because some driver believes their plans are more important than others’ safety. In one instant, a tired driver’s poor driving can be the cause of a catastrophic injury that can bring dire financial difficulties and pain into a family’s existence. You can count on TK Law to fight for you.

Our attorneys have experience representing fatigued driver injury claims. We know the laws that apply to car accident cases and have years of experience representing Orlando personal injury and insurance claims. We consider all avenues for how you can be compensated for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and more so that you and your family can move forward.

We work with our clients to help them receive the qualified medical assistance and other critically supportive measures they need. When necessary, we employ experts to assist you and your family with health and wellness counseling and financial planning.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376). A full service law firm, TK Law wants to be your one law firm for life. We are capable, prepared and well qualified to represent you, no matter what legal challenges you are facing.

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