Florida Victims of Undetected Car Accident Injury

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A knowledgeable and investigative personal injury attorney is often the difference in fair and maximum compensation after a car accident injury that goes undetected. Contact TK Law in Orlando for effective legal counsel that evaluates each of your medical needs after a wreck.

Even the severity of some of the most common car accident injuries – such as herniated (or bulging) disks and brain injuries – goes undetected after an initial medical examination. A prolonged headache or a long-term soreness in your lower back may be far more than what it appears. Sometimes, an insurance company requires its own doctors to examine you after an accident. It is important to keep in mind that these doctors are working for the company and not for you. This means the doctors likely do not have your best medical interest at heart.

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Bringing Masked or Undetected Car Accident Injury to Light

At TK Law, we are connected to some of the best experts in their fields to help determine physical and emotional injuries that do not surface at the onset of an accident. We take their advice to pursue the highest amount of value for you, no matter if doing so involves negotiating a settlement or standing before a judge on your behalf.

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Common Severe Undetected Car Accident Injury

As we discuss on our Video Help Channel, the two most common car accident injuries are herniated disks and brain injuries. Herniated disk symptoms include pain, tingling and numbness, and spinal surgery and fusion discectomies are often required. Brain injury symptoms include headaches, vomiting, blurred speech and altered sleep patterns.

Such injuries may require medical tests like an MRI or brain scan to detect. These tests are generally not given unless they are particularly requested. At TK Law, our attorneys aggressively pursue the insurance referrals needed for our clients’ proper care.

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TK Law focuses on our clients’ current and future legal and medical needs. We handle the legal process so that our clients can focus on getting better.

Call us today to help you and your family to move forward. You will always work with an experienced attorney; you will never be passed off to a case worker. Serving Orlando and Central Florida, we can be reached quickly and conveniently, and we meet with you when it works best for your schedule.

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