Florida Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Accidents

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Were you or a family member involved in an auto accident with someone who had little or no insurance to cover your losses? Are you wondering how you will pay your medical bills? Contact the attorneys at TK Law today. In a car or truck accident case where an uninsured or underinsured motorist has caused you injury, we guide you through the process of filing claims against the negligent driver’s insurance as well as your own insurance carrier when necessary.

As the video explains, a car accident has the potential to change your life forever – from your ability to take care of yourself financially or even physically. While Florida law requires each licensed driver to carry minimum liability coverage, your damages may exceed what the negligent driver has on hand and in coverage. Vehicle accidents are like most matters of life: it is often better to have your own adequate insurance coverage than to initially rely on the other driver.

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At TK Law, we sit down with our clients to determine what coverage limits they already have and how best to prepare the case for maximum compensation from the liable party. If you need assistance, contact TK Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation: 1-855-Kramer Now (1-855-572-6376).

How Florida Auto Accident Insurance Works

Florida uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits are voluntary coverages under a vehicle insurance policy. Both coverages protect you when the other driver either has no insurance or not enough insurance to take care of your needs.

Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP or no-fault) insurance is required coverage that offers initial medical coverage and a $5,000 death benefit. Once PIP has covered its maximum limits, a claim against the negligent driver’s bodily injury coverage can be filed. If for some reason the liable driver’s insurance does not cover all damages, you can file a claim under your own underinsured motor vehicle coverage for medical expenses and/or lost wages.

Protect Yourself in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Accidents

When an underinsured or uninsured driver is responsible for your injuries in an accident, an effective attorney can successfully prove that driver’s error and work to get you fair and maximum compensation. However, the onset of injuries and losses may be best covered by your own insurance until the conclusion of a personal injury case that holds the other driver accountable.

Contact TK Law for any questions regarding underinsured or uninsured claims and especially if an insurance company denies your claim. We will put our knowledge and experience to work for you for the best possible outcome.

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