Why You Need a Truck Accident Injury Attorney

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The above video explains the ways in which truck accidents differ from car and motorcycle accidents, and what the attorney you hire should be looking for. Florida has specific regulations regarding personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, some Do-It-Yourself websites and non-certified legal services offer assistance after truck accident injuries with no guarantees of following an effective or proper legal process. Even some certified attorneys handle injury cases in the wrong way.

At TK Law, we ensure you are represented by a knowledgeable truck accident injury attorney who will heavily investigate the necessary records to seek the maximum compensation for your family’s recovery and well-being.

We do not receive a penny for working your case at TK Law unless we win for you, and even then our compensation is obtained from the judgment so you will not pay anything out-of-pocket for our legal services. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Settlement vs. Judgment in a Truck Accident Case

Large trucking corporations have attorneys and insurance adjusters working for them who have the company’s best interest in mind. Not yours. Without the guidance of an attorney experienced in truck accident cases, it may be hard to determine if an adjuster’s first appealing compensation offer is a fair value for you.

TK Law will know whether negotiating a settlement will render the most compensation for your serious injuries, pain and suffering, and future needs. If a settlement is not satisfactory for our client, our lawyers never hesitate to go into a Florida courtroom to fight against the large companies and all others who are liable, including the truck driver, road constructors and truck manufacturers.

Florida Truck Accident Injury Attorneys Fighting for You

At TK Law, each of our injury attorneys has years of experience and knowledge dealing with small and large companies in the trucking industry. We prepare airtight cases supporting our client’s claim. This often includes subpoenaing important documents that may not even appear to be part of the case but end up being crucial, such as a truck driver’s medical record or the truck’s maintenance and driver logs.

Our attorneys are also available to assist with long term planning after our clients are awarded for their suffering. That is why we are attorneys for life – we serve clients in all walks of the legal process. Contact us today.

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