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In Florida, an aggravated assault charge is a third-degree felony. In some cases, prosecutors can elevate the charge to a second-degree felony. Penalties can include a fine of $5,000 and a prison sentence of five years or five years probation.

Whether you are accused of striking someone with a bottle in a bar fight on the outskirts of Disney World, or you stand accused of threatening your spouse with a firearm behind closed doors, you face serious consequences. In the hands of the right attorneys, aggravated assault in Florida can be highly defendable.

To understand your rights and obligations under the law, contact an Orlando defense attorney at the TK Law Firm immediately. We can act quickly to help you prove your innocence or minimize your sentencing by building an effective defense on your behalf.

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How Prosecutors Will Approach Your Florida Aggravated Assault Case

The Florida Statutes (section 784.021) define the crime of aggravated assault as follows:

  1. You intentionally and illegally threatened a victim in a believable way, such that the victim was reasonably afraid of imminent violence.
  2. In addition, you committed the assault using a deadly weapon (without intent to kill), or
  3. You fully intended to commit a felony.

If you assaulted several people at once, you could face multiple counts that the court will consider as independent charges, even if you engaged in only one episode of criminal behavior.

The prosecution will also use to their advantage any past criminal history; your level of contrition (i.e. how sorry you are), and whether you committed other crimes in addition to assault with a deadly weapon in Florida.

Florida Law Defines the Concept of “Deadly Weapon” Broadly

It does not take much for a simple assault to turn into an aggravated assault, per the Florida Statutes’ definition of the term.

For instance in case literature, the courts have understood the concept of “deadly weapon” quite broadly. Even objects that you might not consider "deadly," such as a beer bottle or blunted pocket knife, have been considered to be deadly by the court in certain cases.

Florida Aggravated Assault Charges - Attorneys for the Defense

Defense against aggravated assault charges can be broken out into three phases: (1) pre-indictment; (2) pre-trial; and (3) trial. The criminal defense attorneys at TK Law Firm will provide the best possible defense in each phase of your case.

We work to uncover facts and evidence that will strip away the prosecutor’s case against you, restrict their introduction of harmful evidence, and block damaging witnesses. Aggravated assault charges are not always what they seem to be, and there are solid defenses we can raise:

  • False accusation
  • Acting in self defense, or acting to protect a third party from deadly force
  • Lack of intent on your part (the plaintiff did not actually feel threatened)
  • Lack of credibility of a witness
  • The victim’s testimony is not believable, logically sound, or supported by evidence.

When You Need the Strongest Possible Defense

The criminal defense lawyers at the TK Law Firm have an excellent reputation for defending the accused against complex Florida criminal charges such as aggravated assault.

Contact our assault defense attorneys. We will arrange a free, compassionate and confidential analysis of your situation.

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Being charged with a criminal offense can affect your life. We are here to help you right now and throughout your life by providing dedicated resources to help you in your time of need.

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