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If you have been arrested or accused of assault and battery in Florida, protect yourself. Contact the Orlando criminal defense lawyers at TK Law without delay. Whether an argument on a log-jammed Orlando highway escalated into a fist fight, or a simmering family conflict erupted into physical violence, being accused of this crime in Florida is a serious matter.

It is important to work with a skilled defense attorney to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. TK Law has significant experience defending violent crime charges such as aggravated assault, battery, attempted murder and all matters of domestic violence.

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Both assault and battery sound like similar crimes, but the law considers them to be two very distinct crimes.

  • Assault occurs when a person intentionally threatens to inflict harm on another person verbally or physically. The act is coupled with a clear ability to do harm, so that the victim fears that bodily injury is imminent.
  • Battery occurs when a person actually touches, hits or strikes another person against their will and with intent to harm, or intentionally causes physical harm to another person. (If you accidentally touch or hit someone, it is technically not a crime, since intent to harm did not exist.)

These crimes often occur at the same time, and for that reason are commonly prosecuted together. Whether you have been arrested for assaulting (threatening) someone with physical harm, or physically beating or attacking someone, the criminal defense lawyers at TK Law can provide unparalleled legal advice and representation. Our goal is to get the charges dismissed entirely or reduce your sentence to probation.

Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon in Florida

If you attacked someone with a weapon – such as a knife, gun, broken beer bottle, automobile, or other dangerous object – your Florida judge must follow severe guidelines for sentencing. These mandatory sentencing guidelines can lead to vast amounts of jail time and other very punitive outcomes. Your legal situation can be further complicated if you engaged in additional criminal behavior or if you have a past criminal history.

Seeking the Best Defense Possible

In the hands of a skilled attorney, these charges can be challenged quite effectively through various defenses that fit the facts of the case.

Defenses to assault battery in Florida include:

  • Self defense
  • Defense of your property
  • Defense of third parties
  • Actual or implied consent
  • There was no intent to do harm
  • Harm was not immediate
  • Lack of competent witnesses
  • Provocation

The criminal defense team at TK Law can examine your assault and/or battery case from multiple angles. The moment we take on your case, our attorneys will

  • Scrutinize evidence to challenge the prosecution’s version of events;
  • Seek alternative forms of punishment and/or strive to plead down to lesser offenses;
  • Investigate police work to search for errors or methodological problems, a process that can lead to the charges being voided or reduced.

Free Consultation with Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

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You deserve a law firm who can help you in all complex areas of criminal law and any legal issue that may develop. Trust TK Law to engage our full resources when you are accused of a crime.

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