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If you have been charge with domestic battery, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at once. These charges can be among the most difficult criminal counts to face in Florida.

Depending on the circumstances and severity of the case, conviction can be a misdemeanor or felony charge resulting in imprisonment and a permanent criminal record, as well as the loss of custody, restraining orders, fines and court fees, community service, batterer intervention program attendance, and more.

Whether you hit your spouse in the heat of an argument, or you reacted in self defense and the allegations against you are unwarranted, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect you right away. The Kramer Law Firm is here to help you, the accused, and make sure you are protected and treated fairly.

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Understanding Orlando Domestic Battery Charges

Domestic battery is the crime of physically striking or attacking another family or household member, or intentionally causing them bodily harm. It could involve choking, hitting, throwing things, or assault with a weapon. Any form of touching, when done in a manner not permitted or desired by the victim, is considered battery.

Battery is just one type of domestic violence – Other types of domestic violence include assault, stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and “aggravated” versions of these crimes.

Domestic battery charges cannot be sealed after you have been found guilty. Without legal representation, many people plea guilty or no contest at first appearance to avoid conviction and get out of jail. However, the domestic battery arrest becomes part of their permanent record, never to be sealed or expunged – even though the judge withholds adjudication and there is no conviction of the crime.

This rush to plea your case can burden you with profound consequences, not just on your personal freedom but also on your career, your ability to take out loans, and beyond.

Defense Against Charges of Florida Domestic Battery

The Kramer Law Firm works passionately and aggressively for our clients. Many defendants don’t understand the severity of their charges or how to defend against them.

Small, seemingly innocent mistakes made during the initial hours and days after your arrest can make your legal situation much harder. You might make comments to the prosecutor’s office that can later be used against you. Or you could say or do additional things to the victim of the battery that can make your situation far worse. Do not talk to law enforcement or to prosecutors until you speak with a criminal attorney at the Kramer Law Firm.

If you have been accused unfairly, there are many defenses we can raise, including

  • False accusations / fabrication
  • The domestic battery that occurred, occurred in self defense
  • Lack of physical injuries to the accuser
  • Extensive time passed before the person made a battery complaint
  • Contradictory eyewitness testimony

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What If the Alleged Victim Wants to Drop the Charges?

In many cases, the alleged victim no longer wants to prosecute or wants to drop the charges. But the situation is not so simple. Prosecution can still proceed to file charges against the defendant. The domestic violence attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm can step in to negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to prevent criminal charges from being filed against you.

Each domestic battery situation is different. In your case, perhaps the event that led to your arrest was a one-time, “out of character” situation. Perhaps you and your spouse – both sleepless from taking care of a newborn – got into a shouting match over who should feed the baby or pay a certain bill. Or perhaps a revelation of infidelity or other equally disturbing news provoked an uncharacteristically emotional response from you.

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