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An arrest for drug offenses in Orlando can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. A conviction carries severe consequences punishable by imprisonment, driver’s license suspension, losing the right to vote and other important civil liberties.

If you have been investigated, charged or arrested for drug-related charges, it is essential to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to combat the charges against you. The attorneys at the TK Law Firm in Orlando defend clients accused of state and federal drug crimes throughout Central Florida.

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Our attorneys will take every possible measure under the law in order to defend you. We will explain the charges against you and help you understand your legal options. We are here to provide you and your family with the sound legal counsel and support you need at this difficult time.

Our defense attorneys pursue all avenues that may lead to your charges being dismissed. We investigate every possible defense option, including the lawful (or unlawful) basis of the stop, arrest, search and interrogation that led to the charges of the drug crime. Our attorneys will pursue possible exceptions to the charges against you, as well as alternatives to incarceration such as Drug Court, Pre-trial Diversion, alternative sentencing, and beyond.

Florida Drug Offenses and Penalties

Florida law can punish drug offenders severely. Just being convicted for possession of marijuana can lead to a lengthy driver’s license suspension (2 years). If you are convicted of a more serious charge, you could spend years or even decades behind bars – particularly if those drug offenses are compounded by other criminal charges such as theft or prescription drug fraud.

How Our Florida Drug Defense Attorneys Can Help

The TK Law Firm will aggressively defend you against complex state and federal drug offenses, such as:

Your defense will be driven by many factors, such as your previous criminal history (if you have one); the amount of drugs in your possession; whether you tried to sell the drugs to other people (particularly to minors); and whether you committed other crimes while buying, selling, or being influenced by the substances. Our drug defense attorneys have the knowledge of federal and state laws and prior court decisions necessary to identify a winning defense strategy.

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Orlando Attorneys Who Protect Our Clients Future

Most people involved with drugs are not hardened criminals. It is often the case that criminal charges are a small part of the larger problem, and someone arrested on drug offenses are struggling with addiction. A drug arrest can bring a person the clarity to recognize the need to accept drug counseling and therapy.

Our drug defense attorneys have a strong background in addiction treatment, and will work closely with our clients to get the help they deserve in addition to legal representation. The TK Law Firm is also a law firm the judges will listen to and respect in pursuit of sparing an addict from jail time.

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Whether you were arrested for possessing marijuana in Longwood; for probation violation in Orange County; or for possession with intent to distribute or sell in Seminole County, the TK Law Firm is here to help and give you compassionate, clear guidance.

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For further help, watch videos on drug charges in Florida, by attorney Steve Kramer.

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