Possession of Cannabis Greater Than 20 Grams

In Florida, possession of cannabis in excess of 20 grams is a felony crime.

Although cannabis (marijuana) laws across the country have been loosening, possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis is prosecuted as a third degree felony. That might not seem fair or just to you, but Florida law treats offenders punitively.

Punishment for marijuana possession typically depends upon the amount of marijuana possessed. Amounts larger than 20 grams indicate the possibility of the intent to sell marijuana, and carries a much more significant punishment.

Penalties for conviction of possessing large amounts of cannabis could include: up to five years in prison; strict probation terms; steep fines up to $5,000; 'convicted felon' status, which means that you lose valuable civil liberties such as voting in elections, and the loss of your Florida driver’s license.

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If you have been charged with possession of cannabis greater than 20 grams, it is imperative that you seek a skilled and dedicated drug defense attorney immediately. You need an attorney who understands how Florida's drug laws work and has spent years defending drug possession allegations.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm have significant experience handling Florida marijuana possession cases in both state and Federal courts. Let us help you develop a defense to avoid serious penalties and keep your record clean. Call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376) for a free consultation about your case.

How Our Orlando Marijuana Defense Attorneys Help

As your defense attorneys, we will fight the charges against you with our full resources and commitment to obtain the best possible result, whether it is a dismissal or reduction of the charges, or an acquittal at trial.

We explore all options to defending a felony charge of possession of cannabis greater than 20 grams. This is critical to your case in order to fight the charge or to increase bargaining authority during negotiations.

Our attorneys are known for building strategies that can overcome obstacles or exploit opportunities in a case, that other attorneys often miss or do not pursue, that may result in the charges against you being dropped or reduced.

Defenses to marijuana possession may include:

  • Challenge the Search: Investigate whether police mishandled your case or violated your rights in any way, including Miranda violations, illegal search and seizure, and tampering of evidence.
  • Challenge “Possession”: Was the charge for “actual” or “constructive” possession of cannabis greater than 20 grams − and can the State prove it. We will examine witness statements and police reports, and retain private investigators to make sure all facts are uncovered and considered.

Central Florida law enforcement makes more arrests for possession of marijuana than for any other drug crime; they are also apt to make more mistakes. When they do, our experienced drug defense attorneys will find them. We are also committed to protecting the constitutional rights of each client we serve, including the right to due process. The Kramer Law Firm has won a reputation for aggressively defending our clients; as a result, prosecutors are often more willing to negotiate with us.

Alternative Sentencing Options for Possession of Cannabis Greater than 20 Grams

Depending upon the facts of your case, you may qualify for the Drug Court or Pretrial Diversion programs. These options can help you avoid a felony conviction, jail time and other unpleasant punishments. Only first time offenders are eligible for Pretrial Diversion. If you opt for this process, you will serve 10 to 20 hours of community service, submit to random drug testing and take a class. Complete all that work, and your charges will be dismissed.

Drug Court offers a similar alternative process for rehabilitating defendants accused of possession of cannabis greater than 20 grams in Orlando. The process includes monitoring and drug therapy and counseling; and you will need to submit to random urinalysis.

Steven Kramer, the founder of the Kramer Law Firm, spent a long time working as a drug counselor. This background and experience has given attorney Kramer invaluable insight into the nature of drug charges and addiction, and it deeply forms our firm's compassionate, proactive approach in these alternative options.

Being Charged with Possession of Cannabis Greater Than 20 Grams Is No Small Matter

Our criminal defense attorneys can help protect you in all manner of marijuana possession charges. Contact our Orlando drug defense lawyers today to protect your rights and your future.

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Possession of a lesser amount of marijuana is prosecuted as a misdemeanor. Learn about the penalties involved for possession of cannabis less than 20 grams.

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