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Retail theft, or shoplifting, is the criminal act of taking property that belongs to a retail establishment with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner of that property. If you or someone you love got arrested for stealing from a convenience store, mall or other retail store in Orlando or Central Florida, a skilled criminal defense lawyer at Kramer Law can help.

Florida law takes retail theft very seriously. Depending upon the value of the property stolen, shoplifting charges can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer experienced in theft crimes is vital to the successful defense of your case.

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Orlando Retail Theft – Shoplifting Defense LawyersYou need a lawyer who understands how the prosecution will build and pursue a shoplifting case.

Your lawyer must have the skills to effectively defend you and to negotiate with the prosecution to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Call us at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Florida Penalties for Retail Theft – Shoplifting Crime

If a person steals property valued at over $100 but less than $300, the accused may be charged with petit theft, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine up to $1000.

If a person shoplifts merchandise worth more than $300, the accused may be charged with grand theft. The prosecutors can impose a felony charge, which carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail and/or a fine up to $5000.

Repeat convictions of retail theft can lead to long-term legal problems as well. Shoplifting a bottle of Tide from a drug store or stealing a scarf from a shopping mall may not seem like felony offenses. But if you shoplift multiple times – and/or engage in other repetitive criminal behavior – prosecutors can go after you for a felony theft charge. If you are convicted, the court can strip you of critical civil rights, such as your voting rights, and force you to spend over a year in jail.

Do not take chances with your legal rights following charges of shoplifting. Even if you are wrongfully accused of stealing, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

The secondary, or collateral, consequences of petty or grand theft convictions in Florida can include:

  • Reduced job opportunities;
  • Loss or suspension of your Florida driver’s license;
  • Denial of a lease or revocation of your admission to a school;
  • Loss of professional or medical license;
  • Mandatory restitution as well as heavy fines;
  • Restrictive probation.

The Orlando retail theft and shoplifting defense lawyers at Kramer Law have helped hundreds of criminal defendants resolve complex theft cases, including employee theft, shoplifting, and more serious types of crimes involving assault, burglary, and drug crimes.

Options to Resolve Your Charges

If the shoplifting charge was your first ever offense, the courts in Orlando and Central Florida offer a program known as Pretrial Diversion. If you qualify, you must check in with a probation officer; comply with the program’s other terms; submit to random drug tests; and possibly serve community service. Once you complete Pretrial Diversion, the charges will be dismissed. You may also be eligible to seal or expunge your shoplifting case.

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Florida Theft and Shoplifting Defense Attorneys

Kramer Law has represented both juveniles and adult offenders in shoplifting cases. Our attorneys will look for ways to avoid a conviction, harsh sentence and future legal complications, and give you clarity and guidance on your path ahead. We will explore every option to successfully resolve your case.

If your child stands accused of a retail theft crime, we will help you positively refocus on the future and manage other problems that caused or contributed to the criminal behavior.

Please contact us for help with retail theft shoplifting charges. We have evening appointments available, and we provide payment plans and accept major credit cards. Get the attentive, experienced guidance you need to move beyond this incident: call us at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376) now to arrange a free and private consultation.

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