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If you have received a traffic ticket in Central Florida, you need an experienced Orlando traffic violations lawyer to defend you and protect your right to drive. Speeding and other minor Florida traffic tickets may result in points on your license and steep hikes in your insurance rates. However, in Florida traffic offenses are also criminal offenses.

When you retain an experienced Orlando traffic lawyer at the Kramer Law Firm to handle a traffic ticket, you have an attorney who will fight for you and seek to have the ticket dismissed, keep you out of court, and seek to have no points on your license.

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Kramer Law is fully prepared to represent individuals charged with serious traffic violations and those with a critical need to avoid the most severe consequences. Repeat offenses often carry the harshest penalties, as do accidents that lead to death, and charges of DUI.

Orlando Traffic Violations Defense LawyerFor any circumstances regarding Florida traffic violations, contact the Kramer Law Firm as soon as possible.

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When You are Charged with Florida Traffic Violations

Florida uses a point system to assess the severity of violations. If you get caught speeding, littering, violating child restraining laws, or committing a moving violation, you will accumulate three points on your license.

Moving violations that lead to an accident, passing a school bus, reckless driving, and excessive speeding can lead to four points on your license.

Speeding that leads to a crash, or leaving the scene of an accident with damage in excess of $50 (a.k.a. a “hit and run”) can lead to six points on your license.

If you accumulate too many points within a time span, your license can be suspended. For instance, if you get 12 points within a 12 month period, you will lose your license for 30 days. If you accumulate 24 points within a year-and-a-half, you will lose your license for a full year.

Defending Against Orlando Traffic Violations

The Kramer Law Firm is equipped to help with all types of Florida traffic tickets, including those pertaining to seat belt violations; stop sign or red light running; speeding; failure to display or carry your license, insurance or registration; school zone violations; and other traffic incidents.

We believe in protecting Central Floridians from dangerous and inept drivers. However, we also believe that most people who get caught for traffic violations want to do right, improve their skills, and protect both themselves and the welfare of the greater community.

Just because you got a traffic violation – or even caused or contributed to a major crash – does not mean that you lose all your rights or defensive options. However, the swifter you can talk with an Orlando traffic lawyer, the better.

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