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You may be seeking a music lawyer in Florida to negotiate a recording contract, or you may need legal counsel regarding copyright and trademark protection. Perhaps you need to resolve a dispute between you and an independent record label. The music law attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm are equipped to provide sensitive, timely guidance.

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The Kramer Law Firm works closely with our clients to help them understand both the legal issues and the business terms that are at the heart of the music business. Music law is a specialty field that supports and protects a musician’s content, business development, promotions, publicity and performance.

Musicians need lawyers with expertise in the music business and strong relationships within the music industry. A good music entertainment lawyer must also be highly experienced in intellectual property law, copyright law, trademark law, contract law, labor and employment law, taxation, royalties and business law.

Our music and entertainment lawyers are known for our ethical, sensitive service. We work with large, established clients as well as with people who are just getting started in the business. Because we are a full-service law firm, we have a vast in-house capacity and wealth of experience to help with any legal concerns in the numerous fields of the music business.

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How a Music Lawyer Helps Florida’s Artists and Musicians

You may need help drafting a recording contract; or, you may need extensive help negotiating a deal, litigating over performing rights, or creating structures to shield your intellectual property. Your music lawyer should be a dedicated, forward-thinking individual who can advise you in ways that will help shape your future.

Contact a music lawyer at the Kramer Law Firm for personalized, experienced counsel in the following:

Entertainment law

Music publishing/songwriting agreements

Music-related litigation

Copyright Law

Licensing infringement


Intellectual property law

Business law

Trademark law

Investor agreements

Internet law

Business disputes and litigation


Rights of Publicity

Litigation Lawyers for Musicians

In times of disputes such as breach of entertainment contracts or copyright infringement, musicians need skilled litigators to advocate on their behalf. In addition to being dedicated music lawyers, the Kramer Law Firm can represent you whether you are defending a lawsuit or prosecuting a case.

Whether you are a music executive, composer, independent record label CEO, manager, or aspiring artist, our dedicated legal team will protect and support your interests in the music business.

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The Changing Florida Music Industry

The music industry is evolving at a blistering pace. Over the years, we have seen the rise and fall of CDs, DVDs, Napster and iTunes as well as countless platforms and distribution models. You need a skilled music lawyer to help you navigate the ins and outs of the internet-based and digital distribution channels for music content.

The good news is that creative artists and entrepreneurs can now build their own careers without having to go through traditional channels. The bad news is that navigating the modern music business maze is complex and uncertain.

The Kramer Law Firm music lawyers have extensive experience and are passionately protective of our clients' rights. We provide the legal services you need so you can focus on your creative talents and your business.

Lawyers for Musicians – Helping You Make Your Way in the Music Business

You work hard to create wonderful music − or to help other musicians share their talents. Protect your efforts by getting the full spectrum, insightful guidance that you need from an experienced music lawyer.

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