Why a Do It Yourself Will Is a Bad Idea

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If you are considering a do it yourself will instead of consulting qualified estate lawyers, you can be setting yourself up for problems later. Our video above illustrates why many people approach their Last Will and Testament as something they can do without an estate attorney.

Basically people want to save time and money, and they believe their situation is fairly straightforward. They think they do not need a lawyer to write up such a simple document.

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The truth is, distribution of assets and how your estate is handled when you die is not simple. A person’s estate is often more complex than it may seem, or the estate evolves over time to become complex. One error or omission can be a disaster to heirs and beneficiaries.

There are just so many things that can go wrong–from the exact way the document is worded, to the required conventions for how it must be signed and witnessed before it can be valid. And as our video points out, the cost of paying an estate attorney to draft a Florida will properly is not expensive, and will save money, headaches and disputes in the future.

Your Last Will and Testament Must be Comprehensive

Drafting a will captures a person’s current wishes and estate situation. Obviously, these situations will mature and evolve as the years go by. People may divorce, lose a spouse, remain single or remarry. A person might marry to create a blended family. Grandkids enter the picture. A new family business may be developed or an old business sold. Someone might inherit a windfall or win the lottery, finding sudden wealth. A person might outlive their children or other beneficiaries.

These scenarios expose why, even though your estate may be simple right now, in five years or 20 years, your financial and family scene can become highly complex. Ask yourself, will a do-it-yourself will protect you and your family in these cases?

These scenarios are also reasons why you need to regularly review your will and estate plan.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Will (with an Attorney’s Help)

Keeping wills, trusts and other estate planning documents up to date might seem to be obvious. However, even the very wealthy and informed fail to keep their wills current. Consider the case of Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park and other best sellers, and the hit TV show ER. Crichton, a physician himself, had a will drafted in 2007 with language that called to disinherit any future children. Crichton died of cancer in 2008 while his latest (sixth) wife was pregnant. His 2007 will was never reviewed or updated to account for his newest child who was on the way.

Crichton’s wife pursued in court to claim inheritance for the child. Crichton’s daughter from a previous marriage fought the claim. A battle ensued causing great stress and expense. Finally the court found in favor of the widow, and allowed for the newest child to inherit a portion of Crichton’s estate.

With a properly reviewed and updated will, these terrible battles can be avoided. The example above was eventually found in favor of the youngest heir, yet often the outcome is not so fortunate. Fighting over control of estates is not exclusive to the wealthy. Proper estate planning is imperative for all families.

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A Solid, Effective Will Takes Legal Planning

When drafting a Will with our Orlando estate attorneys, we can structure your estate plan to reduce federal estate taxes. Your TK Law attorneys will help you address changes in all estate planning documents to reflect your evolving financial situation, marital status, number of children, charitable desires and general lifestyle decisions.

As our client, we are at your side to provide legal counsel as your life, family and financial situations change. We are here to review and keep your will updated throughout your lifetime, and in future generations. TK Law is your law firm for life, for any legal issue.

If you are tempted to do it yourself regarding wills, trusts or any estate planning document, please contact us. If you have not reviewed your will in the past few years, please call us. Even if you do not retain our services, we are here to answer your questions and get you on the right track.

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