Show Your Loved Ones You Care with a Living Will

As Orlando estate planning attorneys, we help clients address an issue that matters to us all, because we will all face the end of life. And because those we love will face it by our side, serious consideration should be given to taking care of an important part of your life plans: a living will.

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A Living Will – A Gift of Love that Only You Can Give

A Living Will is a document in which you specify the type of life-sustaining procedures that you do and do not want to be used to prolong your life in a terminal or end-stage condition. A living will is also known as an “advance directive.”

This powerful document is a tremendous aid to family members should they face such health care decisions on your behalf. A copy of your Living Will should be given to your physician and family members, and the original Living Will should reside in a safe, known location.

Without a Living Will?

Here is a scenario no one wants to experience: a family gathered in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital around their unconscious loved one who has become physically incapacitated and who is not able to communicate or participate in their own decision making.

As doctors discuss feeding tubes, dialysis, resuscitation, and ventilators, family members will have to step up and participate with the doctors in end-of-life decision making. When a person has not planned ahead and legally established their wishes in this situation, family members face an overwhelming experience. What exactly would their loved one want? Would they allow a ventilator or a feeding tube? What are their spiritual views on end-of-life procedures? Should the family continue to incur the financial expense of medical treatment when hope of recovery is slim?

Loved ones can suffer months later with guilt, wondering if they made the right decision. Families can be torn apart when members do not agree on what to do.

These tremendously important decisions can be addressed quickly and easily with a Living Will.

The law recognizes the right of a competent adult to make an advance directive instructing his or her physician to provide, withhold, or withdraw life-prolonging procedures; to designate another individual to make treatment decisions if the person becomes unable; or to indicate the desire to make an anatomical donation after death.

Advance directives are a strong display of love for your family.

Have your wishes stated loud and clear if there ever comes a time when your family must make health care decisions on your behalf. A Living Will becomes a part of your estate planning strategy while you are healthy. It can also become part of an advance directive that is more comprehensive.

So take the next step. Contact TK Law in Orlando to discuss drafting a Living Will or other advance directives. In the event that something unforeseen happens to you, advance directives can give peace of mind, direction, and clarity to you and your loved ones.

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