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Adopting a child is a joyous yet sensitive matter that requires a caring and professional Orlando adoption attorney. Few decisions in life may ever be as essential and heart-felt as the desire to give the best life possible to a child. A child is a gift to any parent. Based on our years of experience at Kramer Law, it is overwhelmingly apparent that adoptive parents are also a gift to the thousands of children put up for adoption every year.

Adoption can also lead to heart-wrenching legal disputes if the adoption was not properly executed. As an adopting couple or parent, it is important that you understand your rights and obligations before engaging in the formal adoption process.

At Kramer Law in Orlando, our capable and compassionate family law attorneys ensure that our clients fully understand Florida adoption laws so that they are educated on their responsibilities and know what occurs before, during, and after a legal adoption. We make sure that your rights are protected throughout the adoption process.

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Our lawyers have represented numerous potential adoptive parents who want to expand their families. We have also been there for relatives desiring to keep their families together and birth parents seeking the best environment for their children.

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Types of Adoption

There are two categories of adoption covered by Florida law. One category is called open adoption, which occurs when the adoptive parents get the opportunity to know the birth mother or father. Both sets of parents may even commit to an agreement that defines the possibilities for interaction and visitation after the adoption takes place.

Closed adoption occurs when the birth and adoptive parents choose not to meet or contact each other once the child or children have been adopted.

Within these two main categories of adoption are a variety of subtypes:

  • Private or Direct Placement occurs when an adoption attorney acts as an intermediary between the birth parents and adoptive parents in order to place the child in a family with his or her best interests in mind.
  • Agency Adoption also occurs through an intermediary who serves between a Florida agency and the adoptive parents.
  • Stepparent or Close Relative Adoption occurs when a stepparent or relative takes the proper steps to become the child’s legal parent, which means the parent assumes all legal responsibility for the child’s welfare.

It is important to remember that an adoption does not take place until after the birth of the child. A Kramer Law attorney will prepare you for the outcome of the adoption and help you every step of the way, including after official finalization.

Qualifications Considered when Adopting a Child in Florida

In Florida, prospective adoptive parents must undergo an extensive screening process before they are approved to adopt a child. Some elements of the screening process include:

  • Criminal background investigation
  • Interviews by one or more adoption officials
  • Home visits by one or more adoption officials
  • Reference checks
  • Medical and financial reviews
  • Counseling

Orlando Adoption Attorneys You can Trust

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