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Adultery impacts alimony if there is evidence that marital assets are being or have been used – or abused – for the sake of the extramarital affair. At Kramer Law, an Orlando alimony and adultery lawyer will know how to gather data for a spouse who suspects the other of adultery. We also represent clients accused of adultery.

Florida’s “no-fault” divorce policy eliminates the need to cite a specific reason for divorce. In doing so, matters like marital infidelity do not generally have an impact on financial proceedings.

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However, if one spouse can prove that the financial misappropriation of marital property and/or funds were engaged in to promote and support the extramarital affair, this determination can influence Florida alimony (spousal support), and where children are involved, child custody, visitation, and child support.

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Adultery’s Effect on Equitable Distribution

Florida courts adhere to equitable distribution of marital property (assets and debts) in divorce. In determining alimony, the court first considers the need for alimony. Then the court will examine whether the adulterous spouse’s actions cause financial detriment to the non-adulterous spouse:

  • Whether joint savings or checking funds were used by the cheating spouse to fund dates, gifts, trips, drugs, etc.
  • Whether funds from home bills and financials were re-routed by a spouse for the sake of a lavish extramarital relationship
  • If any other evidence exists to show specific marriage material was used to fund an affair

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Our firm represents clients who suspect an extramarital affair, as well as clients who are in another relationship as their divorce case progresses. We will discuss with you the various types of alimony, and how the court will view adulterous actions with regards to alimony and other financial proceedings in divorce. We will explain what evidence needs to be established and preserved and what laws and guidelines are essential to your best potential outcome in the divorce.

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