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If you need legal advice concerning enforcement of alimony in the Orlando area, consult the knowledgeable attorneys at TK Law immediately. Florida courts do not take lightly the fact that court-ordered alimony payments are not paid on time or at all. The same guidelines used in failure to pay child support can be used in an alimony contempt case.

Our divorce attorneys have spent many years representing spouses on both sides of an alimony enforcement case:

  • If your spouse refuses to pay or stops paying alimony, our attorneys will help you take action to enforce your alimony award.
  • If you are under court order to make alimony payments which have become unmanageable, for instance due to job loss or a disability, we can advise you of your options and help you seek a modification of the alimony award.

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Your case is more than just a legal proceeding to us; we treat our clients as real people seeking a resolution to a real-life problem. Spousal support enforcement cases can be emotionally charged situations stemming from carelessness or spite. We are here to ensure your alimony needs or obligations are handled with compassion and legal proficiency.

Contact TK Law today for detailed answers that apply to your specific alimony concerns. We offer a free consultation as well as payment plans, depending on your situation.

Penalties for Alimony Non-payment

Penalties for alimony non-payment are similar to the consequences of not paying child support. An ex-spouse can face charges of civil contempt because failure to comply with the court order to pay alimony is in contempt of the court.

Methods for enforcement and collection that we can pursue include entering a money judgment, wage garnishments, levies, liens, license suspensions, and even imprisonment if court-ordered alimony payments are not received.

As with child-support non-payment, the person who is in contempt for non-payment of alimony must prove that he or she lacks the ability to pay. Because the court originally determined that he or she was able to meet the obligations of paying alimony, the presumption is that there is an ability to pay.

If there is not a sufficient ability to pay, then a judge may order the offender to seek employment or a job training program. Indeed, a job training program will not provide immediate help in cases where alimony payments are critical for the receiving party to continue a particular quality of life.

Your TK Law attorney will vigorously strive to uncover any income that could be considered in alimony payments in order for our client to either meet an obligation or receive what is owed.

What to Do if You Are Not Receiving Court-Ordered Alimony

Refusal to meet the obligations of Florida spousal support is a serious matter. No one should have to fight alone for finances that a court has ordered. Anyone who is not receiving spousal support as required by a court order should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible to handle the case.

Each divorce attorney at TK Law knows that your divorce proceeding may have been painful enough the first time. We will use every legal resource to remedy a spousal support enforcement case so that you can receive the payments that you deserve.

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