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Whether you are seeking alimony modifications or defending against a change, we will advocate for you at every step.

The courts can modify most Florida alimony payments up or down if circumstances change substantially after the order is legalized. If you believe there is evidence your alimony needs to be adjusted, contact an alimony modification lawyer at Kramer Law for assistance.

Alimony, or spousal support, is established during divorce proceedings based on each spouse’s need versus ability to pay. A significant or unanticipated change in circumstances, such as if one spouse wins the lottery or the paying spouse loses a job, is generally why a court considers adjusting spousal support payments.

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The burden of proving that a change has occurred lies with the person seeking modification. Contact Kramer Law or call us at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376) and we can discuss modifications or enforcement of your alimony order. Our Orlando divorce attorneys will take the time to learn about your specific situation, address your questions, and provide honest and sound advice regarding your options.

Reasons for Alimony Modifications

The following are general explanations to why a spousal support order is adjusted:

  • A new marriage or supportive/cohabitation relationship: Any time the household income of an alimony recipient increases because of another relationship, the person who pays alimony can petition the courts to terminate alimony.
  • New Job or unemployment: Alimony payments can be adjusted up or down because of employment (for either the payer or payee).
  • Retirement and health issues: Retirement or poor health, being permanent and involuntary and causing sufficient change in the financial situation, may be allowed as grounds for spousal support modification.
  • Lottery or other significant one-time increases: An inheritance or lottery winning, or other windfall is grounds to modify alimony.
  • Other Payment Adjustments: If a paying ex-spouse has an adjustment in other payments (such as child support), he or she may be able to modify alimony payments.

What Types of Florida Alimony Cannot be Modified?

Florida law distinguishes which types of alimony can be modified. Generally, bridge-the-gap and lump sum alimony cannot be changed, while rehabilitative, durational and permanent alimony can be modified. In some cases, it may not be evident in the divorce order whether alimony may be modified. There are other situations that also affect changes to alimony.

This is why it is important to consult an attorney who is very knowledgeable in Florida alimony law at the onset of any matters relating to divorce.

Skilled Divorce Attorneys in Orlando

Divorce is a complex matter, and issues of alimony can be among the most complicated. You and your family’s livelihood are critical when considering any financial move. Particularly with alimony, an attorney is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of any alimony modifications or alimony enforcement you pursue.

Allow Kramer Law to protect your rights in alimony modification proceedings. Contact us without delay for detailed answers that apply to your specific alimony concerns.

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