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When a person is dissatisfied with the results of a final divorce judgment — the unfair division of property or debt, an unacceptable parenting plan, fraudulent assessment of income, improper child support or alimony payments — they may consider pursuing an appeal.

A knowledgeable attorney who knows how to analyze and gather data is crucial to appeal a divorce ruling to a higher court. The appellate attorney must have significant experience in reviewing records, ferreting out issues, recognizing errors and crafting a compelling argument in what is often an uphill battle.

Contact Kramer Law quickly if you believe your divorce case was mishandled for any reason, including misevaluation of circumstances relating to marital assets, the welfare of your children, or income. You have already endured the tumultuous experience of divorce. We will strive to bring stability and justice to what may be an unfair situation.

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The divorce attorneys at Kramer Law are keenly aware of deadlines and the extensive research and data needed to effectively present an appeal. In most cases, a Florida divorce appeal must be filed within a month of the final divorce decree’s delivery. It is essential that we begin working for you as soon as a potential error is found.

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Causes for Appeal

In order to appeal a divorce ruling, a lawyer must show in writing that there was an error in the evidence or facts that were already presented. No new evidence – outside of proof that the existing evidence is wrong – can be presented. The attorney will also need to show the appellate court if:

  • There were any legal, procedural errors during trial court, including a judge’s abuse of discretion
  • A spouse committed fraud or deceived the courts
  • A spouse concealed assets, debts, or income
  • The needs of a child or children were not fully represented

Types of Divorce Appeals

Family law appeals in Florida are handled in five District Courts of Appeal. Appeals from the following cities and counties are appealed to the Fifth District Court of Appeal: Orlando or Brevard, Citrus, Flagler, Hernando, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Putnam, St. Johns, Sumter and Volusia counties.

The court handles appeals to the following:

Experienced Attorneys

A family law appeal may be the last chance a person has for fair treatment after a divorce. Many family law firms do not handle appeals. These cases not only take an assertive lawyer who meticulously assesses all the facts; the skills of drafting and structuring a compelling written argument and extensive problem-solving are also necessary.

Contact the appellate attorneys Kramer Law as soon as possible if you believe an appeal is needed. We will assess your case and determine if an appeal is both warranted and worthwhile.

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