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TK Law represents clients during the negotiation of a prenuptial agreement (also called a “prenup” or premarital contract.) We draft legally enforceable prenuptial agreements to protect our client’s financial assets and property in the event of divorce or untimely death.

Our attorneys also represent clients throughout divorce proceedings, helping our client to challenge a prenuptial agreement as well as to defend our client against claims of an invalid prenup.

A prenup is a legal document that gives couples control—before marriage—of how assets and debts are distributed amid death or divorce. Should a spouse choose to challenge the prenup, Florida courts require him or her to prove whether there was coercion or threats made to sign the document or if all assets were not properly identified.

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The possibility that a prenuptial agreement is overreaching is also means for a Florida judge to invalidate the agreement. The prenup must be "fair and reasonable" without one party overreaching the other party. Florida courts will examine the fairness of the agreement to determine if the terms are excessive and unreasonable for a spouse who may have been at some form of disadvantage when the prenup was signed.

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Grounds to Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement

Contesting a prenup is not easy to do alone. With the help of a skilled attorney who knows how to analyze data and comb through legal jargon, the challenge can be successful.

The following are reasons our divorce attorneys represent clients to contest a prenup:

  • A spouse was coerced or threatened to sign the agreement
  • The prenup was overreaching (this is especially significant if one spouse was not legally represented or signed the agreement immediately before a wedding)
  • The prenup was unconscionable, such as if a spouse is ordered to pay alimony in a higher amount than he or she makes
  • There was no full financial disclosure of each party’s assets, property or financial liabilities
  • A spouse did not voluntarily or expressly waive, in writing, any right to disclosure of property or financial obligations
  • The prenup limits future child support or custody rights

What TK Law Can Do

At TK Law, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in drafting, defending and contesting prenuptial agreements. We can review an existing prenup if you believe it may be subject to a challenge.

We effectively apply the law to the best benefit of our clients, knowing that behind every divorce challenge is a family that may be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and consequences. You will always work with an experienced attorney; you will never be passed off to a case worker.

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