You Can’t Avoid the Florida Child Custody Laws Process

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The state of Florida has very specific child custody laws on the books and whenever parents divorce, it is required that they follow the process as it’s outlined.

What does that mean? Even if you and your soon-to-be ex are on amicable terms, you can’t decide how things are going to be on your own and go with that. It is required that you document pretty much every aspect of how you’re going to raise your child in this new situation, and in many cases (like the question of child support answered in the above video) the state will absolutely have a say.

One of the more unique parts of Orlando, Florida divorce is that the current system strives to give each parent equal time with the child.

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Child Custody Laws: The State Wants 50/50 Child Rearing

In the same way that you can’t just make up your own child support payments or waive them without submitting your financial and time-sharing information to the court, you also have to create a documented parenting plan as part of the divorce process. That means you can’t wing it with each other and decide at the last minute who attends school functions or picks up the children from day care each day, it has to be clearly spelled out in an official document.

Moreover, the default that the court wants is 50/50 time-sharing, presuming that equal time with each parent is in the child’s best interest. Now, that doesn’t mean that this is what will happen to you. Every situation is different, and quite often children will end up spending more time with one parent than the other. For this to occur, the court needs reasons why. The will evaluate many factors before making a final determination.

The Goal of the Child Custody Laws Is What’s Best for the Child

This may seem strict, but the ultimate goal is always whatever is best for the child—you are not allowed to decide custody arrangements in a vacuum if you get a divorce. How can you prepare an effective parenting plan? Talk to an Orlando, Florida divorce attorney today to learn your rights and responsibilities and what you can do to ensure that you follow the child custody laws correctly.

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