Orlando Child Support Enforcement

If you need help concerning enforcement of child support in the Orlando area, consult a Kramer Law attorney. A parent with a child support order in place is obligated to continue child support payments in full and on time until an order is legally modified or the child or children reach age 18.

A qualified divorce attorney knows how to uncover any and all income of a non-paying parent in an Orlando child support enforcement proceeding. This is important because it may be necessary to prove in court that the parent does have the present ability to pay child support.

On the other hand, a parent may truly be unable to make the existing child support payments. Job loss or other financial hardship may make support payments unreasonable. A parent in this situation has rights that we are able to protect. In other situations, a judge may order the parent to seek employment or enter a job training program.

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How Kramer Law Can Help

At Kramer Law, we will take whatever action is necessary on our part to ensure we reach the deserved and proper outcome in our client’s enforcement case. Legal action would depend on the nature of the situation. Cases for refusing to obey a court order would likely begin with our office filing a Motion for Contempt on your behalf.

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Penalties for Non-Payment

Florida law specifies the importance of both parents sharing the financial responsibilities of raising a child. There are stiff consequences for a parent who willfully fails to comply with a child support order.

The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) can initiate orders with financial ramifications as well as petition the courts for jail time when a parent falls behind on court-ordered payments. Further, any child support that is not paid directly to the Florida State Disbursement Unit can be considered not paid.

Income Deductions and Interceptions

More than half of the child support collected comes from income deductions. Income deductions can begin at the start of the order to ensure child support payments are made. Or, the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) will order deductions for past-due child support. Florida employers are authorized to honor the DOR’s income withholding notice.

In addition to income withholding, the DOR can intercept money from the following sources:

  • IRS tax refunds,
  • Lottery winnings of $600 or more,
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation benefits,
  • Insurance settlements, and
  • Liquidated unclaimed property

Levies and Liens

The Florida DOR can freeze and seize financial accounts all over the country. In addition, the DOR can initiate liens to collect past-due child support. A lien can be placed on property such as:

  • Vehicles,
  • Boats and other personal water craft,
  • Mobile homes, and
  • Real estate


The DOR may suspend or deny a non-paying parent’s driver’s license; passport (if the past due amount exceeds $2,500); vessel or vehicle registration; hunting or fishing license; or business or professional license. Professional licenses that can be suspended include those associated with the following:

  • Family foster homes or child placing agencies,
  • Certified public accountants,
  • Real estate,
  • Teaching,
  • Physicians (including osteopathic doctors),
  • Attorneys,
  • Nursing,
  • Pharmacists, and
  • Collection agents

Civil/Criminal Proceedings and Jail time

The DOR can refer cases back to the Florida court system based on the behavior of the parent who did not make his or her child support payments. Penalties include:

  • A civil arrest order,
  • Jail time up to 179 days,
  • Mandatory full or partial payment, and/or
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal prosecution

Reports to Consumer Agencies

In addition to other penalties, the DOR can report a non-paying parent to consumer reporting agencies in the same way as any other creditor. This could adversely affect a parent’s credit rating and impact important life decisions such as buying a home or applying for a job.

Do You Need Help Enforcing Child Support?

The child of a non-paying parent may suffer more than anyone else involved in an Orlando child support enforcement case. While multiple state agencies can provide guidance regarding enforcement, it is important not to take such a case into your own hands without legal guidance.

The divorce attorneys at Kramer Law can assist you with collecting past due child support payments. We can guide you through the family court system to ensure that you gain the support payments you are entitled to.

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Our attorneys use their diverse family law experience effectively in and out of courtrooms throughout Orlando and the Central Florida area. We are committed to protecting the rights of children and fighting with officials to enforce child support orders.

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