Another Strange Case in Child Support Laws

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You might think that the story below is the only strange case out there, but child support laws have made for lots of interesting situations.

As an Orlando family lawyer, I like to keep up with this kind of news, and one of the most interesting tales that I’ve stumbled upon recently is that of a New Jersey father who won more than $100 million in the state lottery. Good for him, right? The unusual thing about this winner, though, is that according to the child support laws, it was revealed that he owes a ridiculous amount in child support – about $29,000. And because of that, this lottery winner actually has a warrant out for his arrest!

Now, because that’s such a high-profile case, I’m sure it will be handled quickly and efficiently. They’ll take the money he owes out of his winnings and he’s still going to have plenty left. Everyone wins. But it got me thinking about variations of that situation and why you should review the court order to make sure you’re getting – or paying – the child support that is deserved.

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Child Support Laws: Why Keeping Up with Your Ex is Important

Florida child support laws entitle either parent to a review of the child support obligations every three years. If it has been less than three years since your last child support review, you will be asked to show that significant changes in the circumstances or needs of the parties have occurred.

What if the case described above hadn’t been so high-profile? What if, instead of winning the lottery, the deadbeat dad in question had gotten an inheritance or a better job or even won money gambling in Vegas? Chances are that the only way the child support would have been paid is if he’s an honorable guy or his ex-spouse made a point of checking up on him.

And the reverse is true, too. If you are the one paying support and your ex suddenly comes into a whole boatload of money, you may not have to pay as much – possibly not anything at all. But the only way that you are going to be aware is if you make a point of knowing what’s going on in your ex’s life. Do that and a good Orlando family lawyer will be able to let you know when changes in their life mean the child support laws can benefit you.

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