How to File for Child Support Modification in Florida Family Law

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Have you been thinking about filing for child support modification but don’t know how to go about doing it? It may seem daunting to take legal steps to change the amount of child support that you pay, but if there have been major changes in your financial or living situation, it may be worth going through the process. A skilled family law attorney will be able to help you modify child support, and I will outline the basic process here so that you know where to start.

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The Process for Child Support Modification in Florida

The first thing to do is determine whether your child support obligation has changed. Child support is determined by two main factors: how much money you’re making and how much time out of the year the child spends with you.

Suppose you recently took a big pay cut, or your child is now spending more than half the year with you instead of just every other weekend—you might be able to get a child support modification. If there has been a big change like this, it needs to have either lasted for a year or is anticipated to last for one year or more. If, for example, you’re taking a three-month vacation from work and won’t have a regular source of income during that time, that doesn’t count as grounds for modification.

Once you have established that you have a good basis for modification, you need to fill out and submit a Petition to Modify Child Support. In addition to the petition, you may also need to include things like current income records (pay stubs and tax returns) or a new proposed parenting plan to support your case.

The petition will be served to your ex-spouse and you’ll set up a hearing. This is when the court will go over your proposed child support modification and decide if it seems fair. If you’ve filled out all the legal paperwork correctly, this part will hopefully go smoothly.

Present a Solid Argument for a Child Support Modification

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