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Florida courts rightfully place the best interest of children involved in divorce ahead of parents’ desires. While laws and guidelines are in place to ensure children are the priority, the emotional and logistical conflicts may still require skilled external guidance.

The manner in which disputes regarding children and divorce are handled affects not only the legal rights of each party, including the children, but also each party’s entire life. Whenever divorce involves children, the family dynamics, relationships and financial health are at stake.

For this reason family law cases can become incredibly complex and delicate. To speak with an accomplished and understanding family attorney, contact TK Law. Our law firm views your case not as a file, but as our opportunity to make a positive difference for you and your children now and for the future.

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Questions Regarding Children and Divorce

Do you have questions about divorce concerning parental responsibility such as child support and child custody?

Are you concerned about paternity actions, or need legal counsel regarding your rights as a father or a mother?

Are you prospective adoptive parents?

TK Law can help protect you and your family’s interests from the first moment you contact us. We can be reached quickly and conveniently at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Florida Co-Parenting Agreements

In every Florida divorce with children, state law requires child custody and visitation (which in Florida is called time-sharing) to be outlined in what is called a parenting plan.

Factors a shared parenting plan include are a timesharing schedule (the periods of time the child spends or resides with each parent), child care, before and after-school care, how vacation time and school breaks will be handled, travel arrangements, who will cover the child’s insurance, and how the child will communicate with both parents.

A parenting plan may also summarize additional care for a disabled child or children. Also, the court will consider elements such as past or present violence as to whether a parent receives sole or shared rights in a parenting plan.

Child Support in Florida

Both parents are responsible for supporting their children. For child support, two main factors the courts consider are how much income each parent receives and the number of overnight stays a child has at each parent’s home.

The state has certain guidelines it uses to determine an actual child support amount. An experienced attorney knows that guidelines are just that. Instead of simply agreeing to the court’s recommendations, it is a wise decision to have a resourceful, experienced attorney evaluate your circumstances to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Relocation with Children and Other Modifications

Only the Florida courts can approve a parent’s relocation when the move is 50 miles or more from the child’s address listed in the time-sharing agreement. If you are considering relocation or if the parent with majority time-sharing has moved away without seeking the non-custodial parent’s approval, contact TK Law as soon as possible: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Petitions to modify child support or visitation are best handled by a knowledgeable attorney who is aware of all aspects of co-parenting and everything the court will require.

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Involved, Caring Orlando Family Lawyers

There are multiple elements of divorce when children are involved. Not only is a legally binding parenting plan established, but children have to learn how to adjust without both parents being in their home. The lawyers at TK Law take this to heart and negotiate creative and customized provisions to fit each situation. We genuinely care about our clients and hope to build relationships with them and their future generations.

Anyone facing divorce or custody issues should have a strong legal advocate in their corner to protect their interests and those of their children. To contact us, call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

For answers to many frequently asked questions regarding children and divorce, visit our online Family Law Video Channel.

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