Criminal Law: Don’t Do This with a Domestic Violence Injunction

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Orlando Criminal Law Attorney for Domestic Violence Defense

The worst thing you can do if your significant other files a domestic violence injunction against you is to confront them about it. After all, the injunction is basically a legal way of saying, “Stay away from me or there will be trouble!” In the case of an injunction, confronting your significant other is breaking the law.

But any Orlando family lawyer can tell you that. What I wanted to do is clarify my position a bit in the video above. Should you go to your injunction hearing? Absolutely. But it is wise to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. Here’s why.

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The Problem with Domestic Violence Injunctions in Criminal Law

There are real and valuable reasons to have domestic violence injunctions, and I truly believe that they have helped to curb spousal abuse in Florida. That being said, there are also a number of problems with the way the system works, and it is sometimes easy to abuse the process and file false allegations against completely law-abiding citizens. Being falsely accused of domestic violence can be ruinous to your career, reputation, certain freedoms and your relationship with your children.

But there is a fear out there that being too lenient in these cases will put abused spouses in danger. And here is where it comes back to having an Orlando family lawyer who is experienced in criminal law and domestic violence issues, to prepare you and to represent you at your hearing.

For example, if you decide to speak for yourself you may say things that ultimately could work against you. If you deliver an impassioned speech about your love for your spouse and feel wronged by this injunction, it’s quite possible that your passion could come across as anger or an inability to control your emotions. The judge does not want to risk the possibility that you might lose control and harm your spouse – regardless of whether there is any other evidence that you would do so.

Criminal Law: An Attorney is Vital at a Domestic Violence Injunction Hearing

Because of this, you want the person speaking for you to be skilled, resourceful, and with a complete knowledge of the law. In short, you need an accomplished Florida family law attorney who handles these kinds of cases specifically, and is well-versed in criminal law.

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