What Can and Can’t Be Changed in Divorce Settlements

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Some people worry that divorce settlements – or marriage settlement agreements, as they are known in Florida – are set in stone, but if you just watched the video above, you know that’s not the case. If alimony is paid and either party has a significant change in their finances, you can talk to your Orlando divorce lawyer and submit a petition for modification to change it.

But what if alimony isn’t involved? Are there other things you can change? Absolutely. But you can’t change everything, so I wanted to take a few minutes to clarify what can be modified and what cannot.

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Divorce Settlements: Things You Can Modify

You already know about alimony modification, but did you know that child support and your parenting plan can be changed, too?

Let’s say you enter into an agreement where you are paying your ex because your kids live with them most of the time and you make more money. But then you lose your job. Or maybe your ex gets a raise. As soon as there’s a “substantial change” on either side, you can argue to lower the amount you’re paying.

You can also fight to visit and take care of your kids more (or less) if things change in your life. It might be hard to argue to the judge that the kids can live with you if you’re staying in a one bedroom apartment, but when you finally upgrade to a three bedroom house, things are different and it is worth revisiting.

Divorce Settlements: Things You Can’t Modify

For the most part, all of the important, ongoing issues attached to a settlement agreement can be modified. Where people run into trouble is if they get railroaded by their spouse during the initial proceedings and simply agree to give them what they want to get out of a bad situation.

If you give up your house, car, retirement accounts, or other kinds of property in the agreement, it’s next to impossible to come back later and say you’ve changed your mind. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so you had better be sure that you’re okay with losing whatever it is. That’s just one of the reasons it is so important to work with an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer who knows all the ins and outs of crafting good divorce settlements.

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