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If you are the victim of domestic violence or abuse, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys for a confidential consultation. Kramer Law will aggressively ensure your safety and the safety of your children while protecting your rights.

When there are issues of domestic violence in divorce, there are potential civil and criminal matters ahead:

  • If you are the victim of domestic violence by your spouse, former spouse, partner, or other family member, you are entitled to protection from the violence or abuse;
  • If you have been served with a domestic violence injunction (restraining order) for domestic violence, you have a legal right to defend yourself against those allegations.

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Whether you need help protecting yourself from violence, or help avoiding a conviction and the consequences of a restraining order, it is critical to have an attorney experienced in both areas of the law. Kramer Law in Orlando provides caring family law services as well as aggressive criminal defense. We are capable of addressing all of our client's legal needs.

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Grounds for Domestic Violence Charge

The State of Florida can file a criminal domestic violence charge against a spouse, ex-spouse, partner, or other household member if any of the following occur:

  • Assault, including aggravated or sexual assault
  • Battery, including sexual battery
  • Stalking, including aggravated stalking (repeatedly following or calling)
  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Other criminal acts that could result in physical injury or death

What To Do if you are a Victim of Domestic Violence in Orlando

You should immediately report any form of violence or abuse to law enforcement. Generally, once abuse begins, it only gets worse. There could also be legal ramifications if you are a parent who does not report your spouse’s abuse or violence toward your children.

Once a police report is filed, take the following actions:

  • Call a reputable attorney right away. A Kramer Law attorney is ready to assist you now: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).
  • Be cautious of what you tell police without the presence of an attorney. Because domestic violence cases are often founded on hearsay, it is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.
  • Once you contact an attorney, do not be afraid to reveal any and all information. Be truthful. It is better for the attorney to know what has happened than to be blindsided by the other spouse’s testimony in court. And whatever you say to your attorney is private and confidential.

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

It is critical for a spouse who has been wrongfully accused of domestic violence to contact an attorney who knows the ramifications of criminal allegations and can protect your rights.

If you believe that you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, contact an attorney at our firm as soon as possible. We are principled attorneys who care deeply about our clients’ reputations, futures, and freedoms. We are here to protect your constitutional rights. Call Kramer Law today 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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The experienced Orlando divorce attorneys at Kramer Law work zealously to protect our clients’ safety, rights, and dignity in cases of domestic violence. Families of abused victims need a strong, experienced source for help, and we are there for them.

Contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. We abide by all privacy regulations in the State of Florida and are knowledgeable on the laws that might pertain to your domestic violence case.

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