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How Facebook and divorce can be a recipe for disaster (or success) in Florida divorce actions.

Social media is as “social” today as face-to-face interaction. The difference between the two in a divorce case, however, is that face-to-face conversation typically has no record. Once you post something to a social networking site, there may forever be evidence that it is there. The divorce attorneys at Kramer Law provide effective legal counsel on how to mitigate possible damage caused by social media or possibly use it to your advantage, when involved in divorce.

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Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest can adversely affect divorce cases when it comes to division of marital property, child support and alimony. A strategic attorney with experience or connections to social media experts knows what resources a client needs to gain the most benefit from social networking. Whether through identifying hostile posts or images by a spouse or by jumping ahead of any claims relating to our client’s posts, the Orlando divorce attorneys at Kramer Law are capable and prepared to represent you.

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Facebook Postings Affect Division of Assets in Divorce

Florida law requires the court to consider “equitable distribution” of marital property – including both assets and liabilities – in divorce. “Equitable” does not necessarily mean “equal.”

A Florida court can consider purchases made during divorce proceedings as marital property. For example, if one spouse consistently goes on Facebook to post new purchases – like televisions, a new car or extravagant furniture in a new home during divorce – such photographs or statements may be used as evidence in matters concerning equitable distribution.

Facebook and Divorce Concerning Child Support

Florida courts are serious about implementing parenting plans that are best for the children in a divorce. Just one photo of a spouse exhibiting hazardous or reckless behavior, or even an extravagant night on the town, can affect child custody, time sharing or other parenting plan.

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Social Media Can Make or Break Alimony

Facebook posts and photographs may identify one spouse as financially irresponsible if there are constant references made to excess spending or lavish outings. Likewise, posts may also show another spouse as exceptionally frugal.

Additionally, social media may reveal the truth about a spouse who claims he or she is not able to work and hence asks for alimony. A post may also determine the degree of an alimony recipient’s relationship with someone else and whether that relationship disqualifies the person from receiving alimony.

These are the types of postings a resourceful divorce attorney will carefully evaluate. We advise clients on how to protect themselves during divorce so that a bad “Facebook” situation is blocked and not made worse, as well as using certain social information to beneficially influence the outcome in a client’s divorce case.

Family Attorneys for Life

Facebook has its benefits, but it also has its steep consequences when it comes to divorce. Let an attorney at Kramer Law guide you during your divorce proceeding. We will use our experience to the greatest benefit of you and your family.

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