Orlando Family Law Attorneys Celebrate Father’s Rights on Father’s Day

As a divorce and family law firm, we are often looked upon as “divorce lawyers.” However, with Father’s Day fast approaching, it is a good time to stop and reflect on the efforts we make as attorneys—and the efforts our clients make as parents—to facilitate a nurturing relationship for their children in the midst of divorce.

Today we hope to emphasize something that many individuals do not realize. The goal of our attorneys is to bring families together rather than let them tear themselves apart. Not all marriages are destined to succeed; however, the breakdown of a marriage does not need to end in trauma and turmoil, where a child’s trust and love in mom or dad is sacrificed.

Caring, divorced fathers who are in touch with the needs of their children may still face many obstacles that friends and family members do not see. People may tend to think the worst about fathers after a family dissolves. Custody disputes or contested divorces may seem to favor the rights of the mother over a father’s rights.

Yet many fathers, although they may not be the residential parent, work hard to maintain regular contact with their kids in their efforts to be loving, dedicated dads.

As Father’s Day draws near, we urge families to stop and think about the important contributions these dads make to their children following divorce.

Post-Divorce Father’s Day – A Challenge to Live Up To

In a divorce situation, being a good father does not just mean writing monthly checks. It means being there: spending time whenever possible with your kids—caring for, disciplining and teaching them.

We applaud the often selfless attempts from mothers and fathers who, despite their differences, work hard to find that common ground within their dissolving family that facilitates a healthy father-child relationship even long after divorce.

So, on Father’s Day and in fact every day, we hope you are able to be close to your children. This Father’s Day, we honor all dads who put their heart and souls into making their children their No.1 priority!

Help from Skilled Family Law Attorneys

We work with our clients to creatively resolve divorce problems, and help both parties keep their dignity intact and end up with the best terms they can work out for themselves and their children.

To fathers who want to be involved with their children and need help obtaining court ordered parenting plans and timesharing, an experienced attorney at our firm is ready to help.

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From everyone at TK Law, Happy Father’s Day.

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