Fathers Rights in Florida

Protecting Fathers’ Rights in Visitation and Custody

Are you a father faced with a pending divorce? Do you fear your time allowed with your children is at risk? Perhaps your spouse or partner is attempting to alienate you as a parent, or repeatedly disregards visitation orders.

When your fathers’ rights are in jeopardy, the Kramer Law Firm is uniquely qualified to help. We will do all we can under Florida law to see that you remain a strong and positive presence in your child’s life.

Sometimes the odds are stacked against dads who wish to have an equal right to custody and visitation.

For the soundest legal advice and advocacy a father can receive, call our fathers’ rights attorneys today to learn how we can help.

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Custody Rights of Fathers in Florida

Years ago, the court presumed that children were simply better off living with their mother. Views are very different today. Florida courts recognize that a father's involvement in the life of his child is equally as important as the mother's.

This is good news for fathers in child custody matters. Florida law no longer gives the mother preference over the father. The ultimate concern is the best interest of the child. This holds true for all matters involving child custody and visitation (now referred to in Florida as “time sharing”) and fathers’ rights regarding decision making.

Even so, the courts are still adjusting to this concept of gender neutrality and equal footing. Help from a good attorney is often necessary to break though long-established prejudices to achieve truly equal time sharing arrangements.

Actions that you take now will set the stage for your role as a father and the involvement you will have with your child. The Kramer Law Firm can help protect these rights by advocating a parenting plan that protects the father-child relationship.

  • We will represent you in a divorce to ensure your rights are upheld in the parenting plan that supports fair time sharing and parental responsibility. We are experienced moderators and believe mediation and negotiation lead to the best arrangements for all parties involved. We are also skilled litigators.
  • We can help you with post-divorce modifications to change the child custody or support agreement approved by the court.

Protecting Unmarried Fathers Rights in Florida

In cases of unwed parents, the fathers’ parental rights are not “presumed.” Florida fathers must work to protect their rights, and we are here to help you do that.

Under Florida law, unmarried fathers must establish paternity in order to enforce their parental rights. Having your name on the child’s birth certificate is not enough.

Once paternity is declared, you may then seek to establish a parenting plan through Florida courts. The parenting plan becomes the blueprint of how you and the mother will share the responsibilities of raising your child. This includes making important decisions about:

  • Father’s visitation rights and custody rights (timesharing)
  • Amount of child support
  • Health care and medical decisions
  • Education and choice of school
  • Religious upbringing
  • Relocating the children out of town or out of state

The Kramer Law Firm can help you to properly establish paternity. Once this critical step is accomplished, we can represent you in securing a court-ordered parenting plan to enforce your fathers’ rights to custody and visitation.

Representing Fathers throughout Central Florida

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There are powerful ways we can help you fight for equal parenting time, remove barriers to child access, and ensure fairness in support payments to both parties. We handle all legal matters associated with fathers' rights, including establishing paternity, contesting paternity, physical and legal custody, timesharing, child support, parental alienation and adoption.

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