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Grandparents tend to want the best for their grandchildren, and so do the Florida courts. An Orlando grandparent and relative custody attorney at TK Law represents family members who step up to rescue and provide loving homes to children they believe abandoned, abused or unsafe for any reason.

In Florida, the laws pertaining to grandparents rights to their grandchildren or other relatives right’s to custody are constantly changing in an effort to protect the parents’ right to raise their children safely and without unwarranted influence. As of 2014, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles are not able to petition for permanent custody, but they are among the relatives to whom the court will award temporary custody if the children are in any potential danger.

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A grandparent may also be awarded visitation in Florida or a permanent legal guardianship. Adoptions by grandparents are also among the most common forms of adoption in the state.

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Common Reasons for Temporary Custody or Permanent Guardianship

Examples in which a court considers temporary custody for children include cases in which:

  • Parents consent
  • Parents plan to temporarily relocate and want to provide a temporary power of attorney to the grandparents
  • A court removes the children from parents’ home if the children are abandoned, abused or unsafe for any other reason
  • A parent dies

The court considers a permanent guardianship or adoption if:

  • Parents consent
  • Children have already lived with the grandparents for an extended amount of time
  • Because children have lived with or will live with grandparents, more decision-making authority is needed
  • A parent dies

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State by State

It is likely that grandparents who move to Florida for retirement from other states have an agreement regarding their grandchildren from an out-of-state court. With the help of an effective Orlando attorney who knows the laws of this state, we can often present your case to a Florida judge who may consider and uphold your out-of-state agreement.

Attorneys Fighting for Grandparent and Relative Custody Privileges

It is extremely important that a grandparent or relative does not forcefully or illegally alter the living arrangements of a loved one or interfere with court proceedings. Doing so affects chances of gaining legal access to the children.

A knowledgeable attorney who cares for his or her clients and knows Florida family law will know how to apply the law to the best benefit of the family. At TK Law, we aim to keep the process as concise as possible so our clients and their families’ lives can move forward.

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